Reheating leftover slices of rib roast

Hi HOs. I made a beautiful rib roast on Friday and I have to perfectly rare and thick slices,for,dimmer tonight. What is the best way to heat this up without overcooking? I also have some leftover jus.

Thank you!!!

With the jus in a low oven (175’F).

15 minutes or so I should think.

You know what? That’s probably too complicated. Better send me a plane ticket.



Come on down!

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I’m not sure this would work on thick slices, but how I reheat a serving of rare beef is a poor man’s version of sous vide - I put the meat and a little jus in a ziplock bag, force out as much air as possible, and submerge it in a big bowl of hottest tap water. Sometimes I’ll replace the water a couple of times. Of course if you have a sous vide stick, you can always reheat to the temp you want that way.


It’s been a long time since I have had a thick slab of rib roast, but I used to put it on a plate, cover with wax paper and microwave it. Just a few seconds at a time until it was warm. It stayed perfectly rare.

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Depending on how thick your slices are, I had luck a few times with sticking a probe thermometer in (like I was skewering a big kebab) and then slowly reheating in a 200F oven until the probe hit 125F. That only works if your slices are thick enough to get the probe in without breaking out though.

Steam them.

Gently at low heat.

I’m gonna plug the microwave on lowest power level again (link goes to my explanation starting at the word “Edit”, possibly wrong, for why this works well without damaging the food).

I’ve done this with inch-thick slabs of medium rare rib roast, and 12-14 minutes (time will depend on power output of your microwave) gets it to 125° with no change in color or “cooked-ness”.

Other than that, putting it in a bag in a big tub of water as @Meekah suggested is my second choice

Here’s a photo of piece heated to 125 in the microwave that I posted years ago on CH.

Edit - I had not read @BeefeaterRocks comment but it’s a very similar technique.