Refrigerator problem

Hi all, my Siemens no frost refrigerator - American style fridge freezer (I think it’s called like this only in Europe), the freezer part is dripping water at the door. So a quick search on Google, possible solution: the drainage hole got blocked. I unfreeze the fridge totally, unblock the hole, clean the tube and the drip pan behind the back. The fridge works a week or 2, then the water leaking problem comes back again. The process repeats 2-3 times already. Looks like there is ice forming at the back and block the drainage.

My solution for the leaking problem now, a towel at the bottom of the freezer which I change every few days.

I don’t know if this is a common problem with frost free fridge, but my old fridge (need to unfreeze every few months) worked like a charm, and never had a problem…we sold it when we moved.

Anybody knows what actually is the problem? Thanks a lot.

Had that problem with our KA SbS. When we would have water on the floor I would note the drain in the freezer was frozen over. My cousin is having the same issue with his at their beach condo but different brand. In my case it took 3 visits and finally a decision to replace the motherboard which did fix the problem. Until it was fixed I would use a squirt bottle with hot water to melt the iced over drain and we would leave heavy towels at the base of the fridge before leaving town. Good luck

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Me for the time being, I put a big towel at the bottom of the fridge and change every other week. At least like this we can travel.

If this is in the same family as a set of bottom freezer Whirlpool fridges that are OEM’d to other makers, there is a specific fix to the duckbill drain problem. Also, some of these fridges are also sensitive to having the vents in back of the freezer section getting blocked.

This page may help:

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I had a similar problem a few years ago. It turned out that it was the thermometer that
needed changing. I’d call in a repair person. The guy I found was terrific and knew what
was going on in a minute. I don’t have an American-style… just a regular Bosch.


I have fixed my dishwasher, my washing machine and my dryer with the help of the following website. I am not much of a handy woman but he turned me into one. My husband was a bit concerned when I took the washing machine almost completely apart but it gave us at least 7 more years of life out of it. I guess I am bragging but I was really impressed by the things I learned to fix. Even if you do not want to do the work it is a great place to get a good idea of what might be wrong with it and if it is worth fixing it. I was able to diagnose a freezer problem. I think I could have fixed it myself but due to an expensive tool I would have had to buy I opted to hire someone to do it. You might find out what is wrong just by reading the FAQ (second link).

Thanks a lot! This will be of great help. These days I can’t take days off in the week and only free weekend. I don’t see a repair guy willing to work on the weekend without a sub charge.

If you end up looking at the appliance guru site do not search by hitting your appliance type from the list that runs across the top of the screen. That just sends you to a place to buy parts. You need to search in the forum area to get diy advise.

Thank you indeed for the great tips! I did try to search, but it ended up usually on unblocking the hole.