Red Clam Sauce with Victoria marinara

Should I attempt a red clam sauce with Victoria marinara? (It is the BEST marinara sauce imho)

I have a pint of fresh clams, thinking garlic, olive oil, anchovy paste and some clam juice plus the sauce.

Or should I stick with white clam? Any opinions? A little worried to waste the clams on something that would be icky :slight_smile:

I think red sauce with clams and shellfish really needs a ton of garlic. I like the brininess of the clams to shine, and they will give up plenty of their own liquor that’s much better than adding bottled clam juice. Victoria sauce is already pretty thin, so adding clams and clam juice would make for a really watery dish, IMO. Just be sure to scrub the shells really well, and let them taste like briny salt water.

I much prefer white sauce. I saute a lot of garlic, some red pepper flakes in EVOO, add some white wine before garlic gets color, chopped flatleaf parsley while heating the clams and a bunch more once plated. Adjust seasoning with s and fgbp before serving.

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