Red Boat Fish Sauce At Trader Joe's? [Bay Area]

Cookbook author and blogger Andrea Nguyen tweeted that her local Trader Joe’s (Santa Cruz) had Red Boat Fish Sauce, 40 N grade, on sale for $4.95 for an 8.45 oz. bottle. This is considered the finest grade Vietnamese fish sauce on the market, and sells for $7.95 at Sur La Table and $8.50 at the Market Hall in Rocjridge.

Has anyone spotted this product at n San Francisco or other Bay Area TJs?


Saw it at the Masonic store last week, in the new items display.

I bought it at the Nob Hill store in SF, but have seen it at Stonestown since.

I didn’t see it at the NB store today. Wasn’t looking very hard, but obviously no big display like the Santa Cruz one.

Worth a trip across town for.

They have it at TJ Fremont saw it Sat 5/7/16 and i got a bottle, it’s only $4.49, not $4.95 on your original post


At least in San Diego you can also get it at WholeFoods

I picked up a bottle at the TJ’s in Houston this morning.

Thanks to Souperman for starting this thread or I never would have looked twice at it. I have about half a bottle of Viet Huong but I’m always looking for a good recc.

BTW, it was $3.99 here.

$4.49 in Millbrae, bottom shelf. Thanks for the tip!

I lied. It was $4.49 here as well.

Hail Mary, full of grace…


The Trader Joes next to Bed Bath and Beyond in Soma SF has it!

Scored a bottle of it at the TJ in Sacramento! $4.49 is what I paid there. Can’t wait to try it out.

$4.49 at the TJ’s in El Cerrito. Thanks for the heads up!

I finally remembered to look for it (and I mean LOOK for it) at my North Beach TJ’s, and yes, they have it, on the bottom shelf of the little section with Asian sauces. Same price as the others, $4.49.

The reason I finally went looking for it was because I finally used up the bottle of this stuff which I had been gifted (more fish sauce cachet than I needed, actually).

Gary, that was good for a laugh (the Blis site). I read this to my husband: “Made with Red Boat 40n, we have taken this premium Fish Sauce and enhanced its natural flavors through our proprietary aging process for 7 months . . .” He said, “That’s cheating!”

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Is this still available, especially in east bay TJs? I just dropped by the Rockridge store 3 Sep. and didn’t find it. Thanks.

I picked up a bottle a few months ago at TJ’s in North Beach, but yesterday they said they had discontinued carrying it - and I am all out. Has anyone bought it recently at any other TJs in SF?

Naw. I have been keeping an eye out on the sauce section ever since my bottle is getting low. Haven’t seen it in any TJ down in the Peninsula recently.

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What’s the shelf life (refrigerated ) of fish sauce?

I will have to pick some up today . Andrea Nyguyen lives in Santa Cruz . I had no idea . Who knows she might live around the corner from me .

You should ask her what’s her latest source for fish sauce if TJ is out where you are. Andrea first mentioned the Red Boat on her Twitter, and @Souperman then alerted the rest of us to the tweet.