Red Bank redux version 2.0

(Mr met) #122

Just an fyi the new Jewish deli in red bank got a tepid at best review from red bank green website, which is really saying something considering every place usually gets a bang up review on that site. They got hit on food quality, portion size and pricing, atmosphere, and service.



Metsfan, did you see my post on pricing at that deli?

(Mr met) #124

Hey CJ seem to remember someone, must have been you, commenting in higher prices. Shame bc I would love a good Jewish deli nearby. It’s a dying artform


I just found it…

(Dan) #126

We ordered lunch takeout this week at Shapiro’s. First experience goes like this,
the pastrami on rye was waytoo fatty and the rye too soft to hold up to the poorly sliced meat.
Potatoe knish was not made in house, easily found at any food market but filled our bellies since the sandwich was poor.
Pickle and coleslaw is supposed to come with the sandwich and both were missing.
Soup of the day was cream of asparagus and was not creamy. Thin base with large chunks of vegetables. Watery.
$25.00 total.
Since we were still in town after lunch we stopped back to let them know about the absent items and disappointing sandwich. Didn’t bother bringing up the soup. The gentlemen who made our original lunch order immediately offered coleslaw, pickles and a quart of matzo ball soup to take home which we enjoyed much later that night for dinner. The matzo ball soup not only had two large dumplings but the addition of carrot, egg noodles and onion in the broth. While tastier than the lunch soup, I think their chicken noodle doubles as matzo ball soup.

We gave Shapiro’s a try after reading how excited the community was to have a local Jewish deli. The owners have many kinks to work out. While we were there for lunch, the dining room, with at least four bored wait staff, was empty…all takeout orders.

Has anyone else tried any items from this new deli?


So what did you actually get for 25.00?

I see a sandwich, soup and knish. Anything else?

(Dan) #128

Plus a Snapple tea I didn’t mention.
And the food they offered in apology for a dissatisfied lunch.

We were willing to pay for the pastrami but it was disappointing and therefore not worth the money.

$25 for a first time customer.

(Tom T) #129

you say “poorly sliced meat”

Do you know if they are hand slicing, with a knife, like Katz’s does?

(Dan) #130

From where we were standing, behind the cash counter, the meat looked sliced on the slicing machine and pulled apart in smaller pieces by hand to prepare the sandwich.

(Junior) #131

After my visit today I 100% confirm they use a standard deli slicer. This only goes to confirm the fact the meat isn’t extremely tender because a slicer should shred a nice juicy tender pastrami.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #132

Somehow I find it hard to think of a deli that serves both pastrami and cream of asparagus soup as a Jewish deli. :slight_smile:

(Tom T) #133

yeah, that too

(Junior) #134

Funny that was the same “special” soup yesterday when I was there. This might be their soupe dujour every du-jour!

(Dan) #135

These days menus vary a whole lot. If the soup had been delicious, it wouldn’t have mattered. Is it a Kosher deli or Jewish-styled? I don’t know.


Dan, I learned on here from some Jewish members that a Kosher deli has a Mashgiach on the premises. If you search Google you can read up on this. To me this isn’t an issue, but I’m always interested to learn about food culture so I read up on this. I’m not sure if sharpiros is a Kosher deli or not. I am just after some tasty pastrami :slight_smile:

(Dan) #137

Evelyn suggested the kosher reference. If it mattered to me I would have asked the staff at Shapiro’s. As for their pastrami, well, we covered that more than once on HO.

Deli King in Clark and Linden makes a fine pastrami, homemade coleslaw and serves outstanding pickles.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #138

As one of the Jewish members, let me say that a restaurant that serves both meat and dairy is definitely not a kosher restaurant. The rules against mixing the two are so strict that they would never even have both on the premises.

This doesn’t mean that Shapiro’s isn’t a good deli, but calling itself a Jewish deli (or that awful neologism, “kosher-style deli”) seems deceptive. Would you eat at a “Chinese-style restaurant”?

(Joon) #139

Depends on what they’re serving. :smiley:

But my interests have piqued now that I’ve heard the pastrami is too fatty… god what is wrong with me.

(Dan) #140

I am look forward to another food review of Shapiro’s. The menu is far more extensive than my disappointing order. It takes alot of money to open a place, maybe they will improve.


Fatty meat = :smile:

Does anyone know who smokes their pastrami?

Has anyone been to Harold’s lately? I am due for a trip. Gluttony

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