Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

@corvette_johnny I’m in for Harold’s.

Looks like Belmont gave up the ghost . Sign in window for lease and liquor license. So if you got a few hundred grand and mediocre food success is within reach… would love to see a new type of cuisine come. Spanish, German, legit sushi, real wine bar, high end Mexican or Latin American, or a different Asian. but due to costs and location I’m sure we’ll get Italian or played out new American…

Awhile ago I went to Earth Pizza in Red Bank. Some interesting pizzas on the menu… we had a pear and gorgonzola pie that was darn good. One was a red white and green… spinach, artichoke, and tomato. It was good, but I had to take the tomatoes off. Shame on them for having such ugly tomatoes in the garden state and it was during tomato season too.

The bacon, corn, and cheese dip appetizer was awesome. So good I went home the next day to recreate something similar.

Id bet the house your right… Hopefully not another mcloones lol.

I’d love to see something interesting go in there like a cajun/creole spot but I doubt it. I doubt Japanese would be the way to go if you’re competing with the place down the block (toki) and the down town across the street…and Dannys if you want to count that lol. Then you have Kanji two miles up the road or so and they do good business. Korean would be cool but that wouldn’t work there. Are there even any Korean restaurants in Monmouth County now?

My guess is that it will be some place similar to b2 bistro.

I’d love to see a gastro pub with killer bar food and an awesome beer selection (think Maloneys but with good food.)

We went to Toki once and it was AWFUL.

Does this mean that the club upstairs is also gone? The whole Belmont redo struck me as odd. Red needed a facelift but it appeared to do a steady business. We ate downstairs once or twice when it was Red and I thought the burger was good. The food at Belmont was really terrible. They had a decent idea (tapas with mixology-eque drinks) but they couldn’t execute.

never made it to the new place- but other than one post about one specific dish, food was widely panned on here and CH…tapas with good plus bar program would thrive I think, as soon as someone figures out how to do it right. I know wine bar is coming to Shrewsbury soon, based on ownership group I’m not holding my breath for anything great- but given the location, lack of competition, and demographics it should kill…
Red bank needs to be careful between that spot and the tavern opening in LS with a liquor license many of those on the Peninsula may opt to stay close to home and avoid the congestion and parking issues of Red Bank. Not saying its the end of Red Bank, but for a lot of spots barely hanging in there more competition for big $$ spending locals throughout the week will be killer…it would also help if people would open up places and have a clue. I mean the 10th Ave burrito is on it’s third incarnation in a year, the Red refresh bombed, Sicilian cafe new owners bombed, then thought the answer was generic jack of all trades master of none type place. with the new places in LS & Shrewsbury, the new Woodys which is always packed, and rise of Sea Bright over last few years it’s only going to get tougher…


Just saw today that 10th Ave Burrito location is looking to be condos.

I forget where…patch redbankgreen, one of those things.

think it was condos on top with “high end seafood” below. Based on how they handled their two attempts at Mexican I think I’ll pass…

I think I’d like a real chili parlor in Red Bank, maybe Cincinnati style but with a nice selection of different styles. And it would be nice if they had good dogs for the chili dog crowd.

Funny you mention this, I know a guy who claims to make the absolute best chili. He’s also due to retire soon, this could be right up his alley.

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How much do think rent is at that location jr?

That sounds awesome seal! However, I’m pretty sure whatever goes there has to be (sadly) pretty generic to survive. I don’t think any ethnic or “speciality” spot would work. I hope I’m wrong. I’d love to see something creative but I don’t think we will.

Can we get a petition going to have drew open or run a new spot there? :smile:

Imagine a Monmouth County spot with a liquor license, some ambiance, a good location AND GREAT FOOD? Blasphemy!

If you are leasing the liquor license too, 15-20k per month range would be my guess.

tomt…the former Caliente Cantina and before that a 10th Avenue Burrito is to become a seafood restaurant. Plans include a rooftop deck overlooking the Navesink River. Don’t believe the current plans include any dwelling units.

Thanks. I guess I got confused with the other apartments on West Front street that just got approved.

Let’s offer him $50 for the recipe.

I make a pretty good Texas Weiner recipe. I’d love to save money up and get it jarred.

Hey folks. Any update on the Jewish deli or the new french spot?

Interestingly it seems they are continuing to operate as a nightclub only closing the kitchen/restaurant? They are still advertising the “club”.

So they are back to calling it red now?

The “Club” I guess, I’m not personally familiar with what’s going on. All I know is my 27 year old niece invited me to her birthday party there this Sat. March 11th via text. I then advised her (based on this thread and open table listing them as closed) that she was screwed because the place closed, she then followed up with the facebook post above, and her assurance she has been in touch with them as recent as yesterday verifying her party was still on. She hadn’t heard they were closed and they aren’t representing such to her, I guess if she show’s up tomorrow night and the place is locked and dark we will know for sure!

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