Red Bank redux version 2.0

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Parking. Yeah, that’s what finally killed Montclair for me. I was there for over 60 years. Our go-to eating spots were in Clifton, Orange and West Orange - good, reliable food and a place to put your car.

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Both the Pitcher and Oyster Point have free parking, another point in their favor.

Also Brothers and Birravino, which may help to explain why the latter is so popular with the blue hair Cadillac/Lincoln driving element, since they don’t like to walk to far for cocktails.

Red Bank is invidious in their enforcement practices, and has now installed bizarre and confusing little stands that require computer programming skills to pay.

Parking prices have escalated to pay for all new equipment and personnel.

It’s a racket.

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I don’t know if I’m lucky, ignorant or dumb but I haven’t paid for parking in Red Bank yet. lol I have no idea what you are talking about…I’m not in town that often, but I just park and go. How long as this been in effect? All downtown? I only thought the garages were pay for parking as well as some of the larger lots. (like behind Teak)


I haven’t been in a while but I used to hang at basils all the time and but only a few visits after they changed the name. I never thought of it as blue hair special. Molly Pitcher, on the other, is dishing out senior pot pies like hot cakes.

JR, you prob go after 6. From their site…

Parking meters are enforced in the Borough of Red Bank on Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., with the following exceptions: Permit Parking in Borough Lots Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Free Parking after 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday and all day Sunday.

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hahahaha thanks for looking that up, because I was feeling really, really, really stoopid. (although when I’m there during the day, very rare, I still haven’t paid. LOL)


Interesting. I snagged what I refer to as a Queen of Parking ™ spot across the street (ON the street) from the Count Basie when I was there last week, and the signs said pay until midnight. I have the app because I use it here in AP, so that’s what I did…


I’m sure they stick it to concert people. Well you just pretty much proved they do. More racket lol

So vk did you get to Mr pizza yet?

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Nope, I’m still trying to figure out where to park, and then how to work the machine…

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Btw the trick is to drive in at 5:30 and pay for a half hour.

Otherwise you can drive around in the White st lot forever.


At 530 you simply roll the dice and don’t pay lol.

Is the farmers market going on now in the galleria parking lot? I need some of those “hot n sweet” pickle chips…yum

So I think some local smoke might be the call tonight :slight_smile: my uncle wants to get some bbq. Maybe I’ll splurge and spend twice as much at surf lol


I work in Lawrenceville. Please share.

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Do you? My son is at Rider, I’m in the area frequently. FYI There is a Tasty Sub’s there which is originally from my hometown of Edison, good stuff!! (yes please do share @VikingKaj I would like to know also)


Here is my dish and I make this at home. I call it the wrecker. Fittingly, this place could call it the red bank wrecker!

1/2 sub which is good for two, or one hungry dude:

Generous amount or pork roll, thinly sliced and well done
4 slices thick cut Applewood bacon (hormel, Oscar mayer or smithfield…nothing too fancy )
6 slices Canadian bacon
4 eggs
6 slices deli yellow American
2 hash browns or some vk tater tits.
Freshly cracked black pepper
Toasted Sub roll
Possibly a little Franks depending on my morning

You could even whiz on it a little if desired lol. I have yet to whiz on this sandwich but I can’t imagine it being bad :slight_smile:

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Gotta love them totties !!!

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Review here:


Ah yes…just commented.

Does anyone have any good cheese steak spots in rb? New corner has a half decent one but I usually take it home and add more cheese, then toast.

Umbertos has a passable one too in fair haven.


Has anyone been to ayce eat taco night on Tuesday at 10th Ave burrito in belmar? Im more of a “quality over quantity” guy with tacos, but this sounds fun. I’m sure it’s a zoo but I might try it soon. Also, they opened a spot in RB but I heard it changed names/owners. Is anything good going on there?

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Wow, all you can eat dirty hippy tacos:

If that doesn’t remind you of the 60’s I don’t know what will…


I’m not saying it will be great, but with a few beverages in me, it might be a fun spot. I was at this sports bar recently and they had 6 different hot sauces they made. They brought them out in a six pack container and man, what a cool experience trying different combos. It would be cool to have something like that here!

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Speaking of taco’s I got the duck taco’s at Woody’s not too long ago. They were rather dry which really surprised me with duck, tasty but dry.