Red Bank redux version 2.0

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Not sure why I decided to look at this thread, since I get to Red Bank about once every couple of years to meet relatives in the area who’ve decided to not allow us to come to their place. However, I actually have 2cents to add, since 14 of us went to Buona Sera to celebrate a birthday last month. Bottom line: exactly as “notJr…” described (not a bad thing for an event like this, mind you, but not a place I’d return to for a regular dinner either). Living in Bklyn for much of my 60 years, I know from Bad (capital B) red sauce Italian American places. This ain’t that bad. But, I also can recognize good food of that genre & this ain’t that either. Everything served as ordered by a professional yet friendly enough staff in a somewhat over the top artificial “authentic” venue. Everything with enough taste to discern that it was made with decent ingredients prepared with decent kitchen skill. Everything mediocre (& I don’t mean that in a bad way) - good enough for an event where interaction was the purpose and not the food. A successful event start to finish (with an acceptable price). We won’t be back.

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I’m glad your event was successful.

While perhaps price acceptable in terms of Brooklyn or Manhattan, BS is pretty expensive for down the shore. As you say, the food is not bad, but it’s not great either. I find $ 40 for a mediocre veal chop Parmesan to be pretty spendy. Better American Italian can be had elsewhere in our area for the same or less lira.

As a result, BS would not be my first choice for an event or otherwise.

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We called once for a birthday same day due to an unexpected change in plans and just by chance got Chef Ron on the phone.

Not only did remember us and get us a table, he also came over personally to wish us happy birthday even though it was busier than hell.

And the food was great as usual.

I would give him a call, I am sure he will take care of you.


The lunches, around 14 bucks or so, offer a better value in my eyes.

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$14 for lunch at Boney? Wow, that’s not a whole lot more than the Pour House these days.

That could be worth checking out, but I’m not getting dressed up.


Does boney Sera still have those 5lb bugs for dinner? I missed Maine this year and I’m craving some lobster. Try the scarp lunch and let me know what you think

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Ran out Labor day. I’m thinking maybe point lobster co. for lunch.

Point Lobster Co

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This was about 6 months ago? Almost positive it was after they switched to new ownership.

I hate that I have to ask people what kind of meat they use in their cheese steaks. Ugh.


Oh man viking is going to have a field day with this

Get ready for some swift footage!

Greek Eats, Shrewsbury
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I like it!! That I look forward to trying, RB has been lacking in the breakfast department since the diner changed to Toast. (Not my cup of tea)

FYI did you notice the Greek Eats bogo advert on that page?


I hope this place works. I like the looks of quite a few items on here and the prices look fair.

This is the brick menu so hopefully we don’t get the red bank tax. For 7 bucks that fat Sam might be a winner.

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Well I like the name in general. I don’t want to pick fights, but it just wouldn’t be the same if you called it Pork Roll Sams…

I do have to say I am not a big fan of the “NAMED” sandwiches thing.

And that location is jinxed, jinxed I tell you… A black cat with an eight ball at midnight jinxed.

Speaking of Taylor, don’t know if you saw this:

She is just so talented. And hot.


It is hard to imagine she is the top paid artist in the world :confused:

I think the issue with that spot is parking. With cheaper prices they need to do volume and that is tough there when people can’t park close.

I will definitely try a few things out once they open.

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For Sh*t’s and Giggles I would love to see the guy come out with a “truffle butter toasted roll with foie gras spread, pork roll and fried quail egg topped with brie” for $39.95 and see how many of them he would sell there. (My bet is quite a few) You’ve got to play to your audience and that would be enough of a stupid novelty to get people in that town to line up around the block.

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Well not for me!!! She is just so talented and smart. And hot !

Yep, it’s the issue with RB in general. What is it up to, $3 an hour?

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Only if you have the liquor license to go with it.

Most “restaurants” in RB are more like big time bars with incidental food service.

They line up from Lincroft & Colts Neck every Fri. & Sat. to go over the little bridge and party down.


Yes I did see the greek eats.

as for the foie gras idea, I like it. I am not sure that is the right combo, but something off the wall to get people talking is what they need.

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Yeah, I was concentrating more on price point then actual recipe. lol Although feel free to give it a try and report back! (I nixed caviar off the list because I could’n’ see that going with anything)


What this place can do to thrive is make GOOD cheese steaks! It baffles me how many places can’t get a cheese steak right.

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Yep, there are some good ones over in the Princeton/West Windsor/Lawrenceville area, but nothing around here.