Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

At least you’re still cool enough to warrant the invite… :joy:

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Oh yeah I’m the “cool” uncle!

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Hopefully things work out for her. Speaking of striKing out, I just went to surf BBQ to get the pastrami short rib and it was closed (private party… sigh)

I’m at rorys in sea bright now. I’ll report back.

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Very interested to hear about this one. Looking forward to your review.
Btw here’s a review for lawrencville dominos…it stinks

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I only had the wings, which have a lot of potential but, just didn’t come through on the flavor department. They were the “toasted garlic and lemon” wings. Maybe I’m just used to buffalo wings, but I actually had to salt these up. They came out piping hot and super crispy as I asked. The wing texture and quality are top notch. In fact, if I can get the same quality with decent buffalo sauce, these will be some rocking wings! Blue cheese was ample and tasty but 3 tiny 2" long celery sticks? It was like half a stalk lol. Weak

If I could take their crispy wings but get the seasoning from Tommy’s…wow! That might be my wing nirvana.

This is a pub, not a restaurant. They have bar snacks and about a dozen items. They don’t even have burgers. I’ll come back to try the chili cheese fries, buffalo wings, and nachos.

Beer selection was decent but not huge and prices are on par with other beer spots like gaslight. It was good to see dark city on tap and I had one.

Crowd is mainly 30 to 55 age group…no young people but that could change once the outside part opens up. Decor inside is pretty cool and I sat near the fireplace.

Overall it’s a pub so you go to drink. Some snack food just happens to be there lol. If you don’t drink there are better spots. I’ll say this…this place needs to do some marketing (or run some nice specials) to fill up the joint. The crowd was light for a friday.

So I’m headin into red bank today to meet a friend for lunch. Any suggestions? I was thinking Siam garden as I haven’t been there in a while. I know it’s pricier than the average Thai joints but I like it once in a while.

If it’s Thai your looking for I really like Muang Thai!

Yeah I’ve been there a few times and like their food. I think the 15 to 20% up charge at siam is worth it though. Did I ever tell you about the drunken noodle story? Lol

Actually with this weather I’m thinking about something outdoors. I might pick up some bar food at “on the deck”

I’m thinking some beer, wings and sun might get the job done today!

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Red rock has a really nice outdoor space. Nice for a day like this. Food was ok. Not terrible not outstanding but def passable with a cold beer and a ball game in the tvs

I showed up at “on he deck” around 230. It was RAILED. People were waiting for tables. I stood at the bar for a good 5 minutes. I didn’t even get a single look…seriously. It was like I was invisible. A decent bar tender would at least give you a smile and maybe a hello. They were obviously busy but come on. What a mess. I left and walked to gas light where I had the hangar steak and a nice glass of Kane malus. We got some braised oxtail nuggets in beer batter for an app. These were legit! It was 12 for 3 nuggets but they were damn tasty!

Beer, oxtail, and some deep fried goodness…yum. @joonjoon buddy these have your name on them!

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@seal img was railed last night. There was an hour wait! I think we need to keep this place a secret :wink:

Bumping this up. I was at Muang thai last night and this spot delivered some decent food. It has been a while since I have been there. Has anyone been recently?

They expanded the place and they have a lot more seating now. We got some Tom ka gai, drunken noodles with chicken and some masaman beef on special. 53 bucks pre tip…solid meal. They definitely have jacked up prices in the last year or so. Fwiw, the new room has some pretty cool decor.

My Latin friend talked to the chef for a while and he is a really interesting guy. I made out what I could in Spanish and he seems really passionate about putting out good, fresh, and authentic food. If you can speak Spanish he will talk food for a while!

So what’s new/good in RB? Is shapiros any better and/or still open?

And one more observation… Is red rock the new spot in rb? Holy crap…I had more decked out women walk by Muang Thai heading east than you could shake a stick at. These girls were either going to red rock or riverview hospital lol

Red rock is indeed the hot spot from what I’ve been told. It’s nice, especially in this weather up on the roof deck. Food was better than expected as well

Try some buttless chaps and an earring. You just have to know how to speak their language.

I had both of these on and still not a nibble. I even had rob Halford with me

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Bumping this up.

Anything going on lately folks?

I tried fredy jeremy’s last night for some salvadoran. I’ll report back later.

Any papusas?

I tried 26 West and liked it. (See other thread for review)

I enjoyed boondocks a cal times…not the best in the world, but not many places in the immediate area like them. Navesink fishery is a bit far sometimes.

Yes I tried two…one chicharron and the other bean and cheese. They were ok. Overall nothing really blew me away here but then again, at 11 dollars for a meal it isn’t breaking the bank. It was interesting to see some of the differences vs the Mexican cuisine in Red Bank.

The chicken I had, “pollo a la brazza,” was two quarters (leg/thigh) and a whole sausage link sliced lengthwise. The chicken had some nice grill marks and had some pretty tasty seasoning. They got this chicken cooked right…good crisp skin but not dried out. Overall I find the salvadoran food to be milder than some of the hopped up Mexican food, which I love. This seasoning wasn’t spicy but had a good salt profile. I like my meat with some salt. The rice “pile” was tasty and quite large. I liked my beans too… a lot. This is a pretty hearty meal and I didn’t even finish it.

I wish they had a few more hot sauces and/or salsas. They have a spanish sauce and tobasco on the table.

Overall I had fun. The atmosphere is super laid back and quiet. There were about 5 Latino families eating.

I want to try the beef stew, whole fried fish and maybe Carne asada. I had a bite of the powder sugar dusted plantain empanadas and although I was stuffed, this bite was pretty good …and I am not a dessert guy.

To be honest, I’d say the 7.50 linos half hickory bird platter would take this dish out but I’m giving the rice and beans (served separately on my dish) to fredy. Lino’s gets the chicken award. On the chicken topic, for 13 bucks local smoke takes the cake for the tastiest bird around, dollar for dollar. 13 for a half with two sides is a decent deal. I’ve yet to try the surf BBQ bird. I hear it is great but 14 for a half bird with no sides is getting kind of steep. Call me cheap but I’ll spend huge bucks on great food, it just needs to be worth it.

In a nut shell, I will be back to try a few more things. I’m hoping to find one awesome dish. I tend to find one meal and keep going back for more.

I don’t mind blowing 11 bucks on a meal. It’s when I waste 60 bucks on a shitty steak, that is when I get disgruntled. And yes, I did see your post Jr. I hope you can report back on the steak for me :wink:

A pic from fredy jeremy’s

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