Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

I think you will like it. It’s the kind of place that is disappearing rapidly from the East Coast food scene.

As the Fujanese have largely taken over in the Tristate area, and more people are exposed to more adventurous dishes, Americano Cantonesi is on the wane.

HoC is a classic of it’s type, and your bucks will go much further.

Plus you can order a cold one.

I am particularly looking forward to that. Should I trust them with a Mai Tai or stick to Tsing Tao?

Greg I meant prices online, not on the physical menu.

Oh. I was wondering how odd that would be for a restaurant like that! Duh. LOL

No I think you should order a Brazilian beer like Bud.

@corvette_johnny Man you are going around quoting me like I’m Einstein, brother. I am flattered.

My experience of Temple was that it was Chinese food done with better ingredients and better techniques than your average takeout place, but somehow not meaningfully tastier. And way more expensive, also. It was just impossible to go back there with Pho Le sitting right across the street.

Greg, you are in dire need of some Edison Chinese trips man, I will join you any time you want to chow down. So many interesting places to try there.


Greg, as far as I know I am the “another poster” who linked to your blog (which is great, and I’m quite proud of discovering). Man I can’t believe the owner wrote you an email like that! It’d be a shame if you shared it with us…

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Absolutely correct.

I think it was you that made me never visit temple lol.

Absolutely. Only Asian place I have hit up in Edison has been H-Mart and their delicious food court…several times.

If/when @joonjoon commits to a meetup for Asian (or really, any kind of food), my suggestion is GOOOOOOOO! He knows what he’s doing.


I shall take him up on the offer. And for you to show me around Asbury as well. And for Indian food with @corvette_johnny . Gee, what a social butterfly I am. :smiley:

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I have returned from House of Chong. Must have gotten them on a good night. Food was delicious. We had a party of five so was able to sample a few different dishes. I would say @corvette_johnny was right about it being comparable to Little Szechuan. It was, though I think HOC was better. Certainly much better than Crown Palace and light-years ahead of that Temple “stuff” I ate on Sunday. Full review will be coming shortly.

Side note: I love the ancient waiters who have probably been there since they opened in '69. Even more adorable when he pronounced the pistachio ice cream as “pissed-at-you”. :smiley:

But great experience. Dated but nostalgic and not dirty. Will give them a positive review in a day or two.


I am glad you liked it. I thought you would enjoy it. Interested in the full report

I think I’ve been going there since that mall was built to be honest. I’ve had quite a few meals there and also at ruby palace. Ruby became my “go to” when it opened. I also worked down the street on Bethany Rd so I would eat there like 2 or 3 times a week. It never got old too.

Do you remember the special for 2 at ruby? It was like 29 bucks I think or 24.95 and it was more food than you could imagine. I think you got 2 soups, 2 nerf football sized egg rolls, a pupu platter for 2 with the classic sterno, two main dishes, a giant bowl of fried rice, 2 alcoholic mixed drinks, and dessert. You could pig out and get easily 4 meals out of that thing. It was unreal! 2 people could barely get past the pupu platter. Man I miss that place a lot!


When I was a kid that was our family of four’s go to meal at RP. Memories …


@seal I have the exact same memory from RP. My parents would have their Mai Tai’s, and I was just enamored with the actual Sterno flame on the Pu Pu Platter. Not many places do that anymore.


I guess all good things must come to an end Dave. I vividly remember the giant lomein plates.

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Be sure to see Greg’s review of House of Chong in this thread:

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We decided to do a drink in Red Bank on Sunday night after dinner at Reyla’s. Granted the weather was crappy and cold, but Red Bank WAS DEAD. We figured on Memorial Day weekend there would be plenty of action. Such a different feel than Asbury Park.

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