Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

I liked that one too. Have you tried his restaurant in Philly?

Do NOT get me started. Some of us had a reservation in early April and it fell apart. We WILL try again! Dyyyyying to eat there.


I thought that was Christmas ?

Any major non-Jewish holiday qualifies in my book! :rofl:


Me too.

I have to chime in here about Temple. I do not waste my calories, much less my money on crap, and I have spent a ton of money in Temple. I’m there every month, maybe even twice a month. True, I always stick to my favorites, Tangerine Scallop ( those peel sections are awesome ), and Chung King Beef (great sauce ). I have had the Peppercorn Chicken, Egg Roll, Hot and Sour Soup, Creamy Spicy Shrimp, and almost all the appys. I have no idea what happened the night you went, @gcaggiano but I will bet you the price of the dinner that I can take you back to Temple and it will be the essence of nostalgic American Cantonese food.


If Greg an’t make it, you can take me and I’ll kiss your a$$ and tell you whatever you want if you are paying.


You know if you kiss my a$$ I will at least buy you dinner. :kissing_heart:

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I won’t kiss your @$$ but I’ll take you up on the offer. :smiley:

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And while still on the Chinese note, my friend who loves House of Chong saw my Temple review and wants to take me there tomorrow night. Will report back.

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Which one, house of Chong, or Temple?

Can you two get a room, please?

I think if I had to sum it up, you will find it comparable to little szechuan. The dishes will be similar but larger at HOC, and the prices should be very close. I haven’t been to either in a while but this is my prediction. Let’s see if I’m in the ball park lol. As noted, they do have liquor there.

I’d honestly like to hear your review on oriental empire. Depending on what you get, you might be able to split 3 dishes there for the price of 2 at HOC

Is it me or did temple take all the prices off their menu? I remember seeing dishes that were 40+

I just can’t bring myself to spend 40 on a Chinese dish. That’s why I haven’t been. I eat in rb quite a bit at the few spots I like, and I haven’t really even had the urge to go there.

I do have the urge to try the poke place, the fizz joint and the new Cuban place. I don’t mind paying the rb tax on the cuban spot. I just hope it is good. A mojito and a big plate of pernil sounds good about now.

Is that RMB or USD?

Pesos :smile:

Well it could be me but the Bodega Cubana place seems to have vanished (their website I should say.)

I wonder what’s up.

Not that I’m a french food fan, but is the bistro closed? The last few times I drove by it was dark.

Ay yai yai !

Just called they are open until 9pm tonight.

And they have good availability for tables.

House of Chong tomorrow.

Temple had prices on the menu when I went. I would have walked out otherwise.

Then I shall head to Oriental Empire next on my food journey.