Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]

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It’s one thing to be critical. Everyone who provides a public serve (such as dining) is open to it. But its another thing to be snarky and arrogant.

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Yes, her reviews do tend to be a little snarky, with backhanded compliments.

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I worked with her one night at a special dinner event. I wish I could publicly say where, but I can’t. All I can say is, she was exactly how I pictured and expected. She did our particular organization a big favor that night, so I have to show gratitude. I do and did thank her for what she did. And as a food blogger myself, whose reviews are not always positive, I understand criticism and telling it like it is. But what I NEVER do is come at you with a holier than thou attitude. My reviews are about the food, not me and my ego.

And come to think of it, that Kunya write-up may be the only 100% positive review of hers I’ve ever seen.


Good to hear it was railed!

So I broke down and ate my words. I got the 3 pounder last night at siam.

It is hard to tell how large it is, but look at the dinner plate in comparison to the fish plate : )


Here are two other pics I took with a different camera. Which one, first or second, do you think came out better? If you don’t see any difference that is fine. Obviously angles and lighting and different. I’m not a photographer lol.

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Definitely the second one. I always heard food should be photographed from the top, but I personally favor above and to the side to show off the depth. This is especially true when photographing a sandwich, which would be rendered null if taken from the top.

Also, I never use a flash. Ever. Rule number one of food blogging is to not call attention to yourself at the table. :smiley:

I have a Galaxy, which takes excellent pictures in low light. It could be the most dim restaurant on the planet, and I am still not using a flash.

Example below, from Neelam last night. Low light, angled to the side.


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So here’s a new one for you, Indian with a Mexican twist:

Sourabh ‘Sam’ Jain plans to open Bombay River Indian Restaurant Saturday. (Photo by John T. Ward. Click to enlarge.)

Should be right in the old wheelhouse eh @corvette_johnny & @gcaggiano ???giphy


Hmmm…well it does seem like am iteresting combo. Hopefully they have some good food and some nice traditional dishes. Hey, at least it isn’t another Italian joint


Exactly my thought! I’m a purist, but if it gets others to try Indian food…

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Funny how easily we accept Korean tacos, but I sense hesitation about Indian tacos. I basically do it now when I wrap some chicken in a naan.

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Ok so let me ask you this question, the exact same ingredients on bread is a sandwich, in a tortilla shell (or soft) it’s a taco, if it’s folded and rolled it’s a wrap.

So why or how is it an Indian taco? Isn’t it simply a taco with whatever ingredients regardless of their cultural background?

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Well 4 Corners Indian tacos are deelishus.

Not so sure about these:


Of course some around here one will certainly have a misguided opinion about Indian tacos.


I’ll definitely try some Indian tacos and report back. My question is, when does this place open? I might email the owner and ask. It’s on their webpage.

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Aww poo!

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He’s in trouble so I had to sneak that in. Don’t tell the thought police @NotJrvedivici.


Should we get a taco thread going? I was thinking about that. I think I started one a while back. Let me look…

I checked… no straight up taco thread.


So I went to email the owner and they have updated their site. I have to say I’m impressed. They have a rather large menu with fusion dishes and traditional recipes. I have never had Indian crab. Does anyone know what species they normally use?


Chef Floyd Cardoz JUST posted about Goan crab today!!! It’s a thing. Wish I could eat it (allergic)… Let me see if I can find his IG post.

(Floyd, btw, is possibly THE nicest human being I’ve ever met. I always use the word lovely to describe him–because he is. And a hell of a good chef, to boot!)


So far this place looks decent. I’m not a huge yelp fan but will report back. I hope to be there tomorrow

Bombay River


Thanks for reminding me of why I never use Yelp! Seriously…those “reviews” are laughable imo. I’m looking forward to YOUR post, @corvette_johnny !