Red Bank redux version 2.0 [NJ]


It looks like two new poke places are coming to rb. I wonder if it will be italian poke? :smile:

What the hell do we need to get some Korean in that town?




Well I was hoping at least one person got the joke :wink:


I just stumbled across this…

I haven’t been to a steak and shake in years. This places kind of reminds me of one. Are they moving north at all? I’d like to see one in NJ at some point.


Has anyone heard anything on the poke spot in rb?
This place looks like a strange mix @VikingKaj
I will let vk take the first shot at this place lol

Sadly, pho Le has shut down but I’m interested to see what the new Indian spot will bring to the table.

And any idea what is up with Bodega cubana? Their website is worthless.

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Speaking of poke…

Have you been to Hawaii?


Come on vk…take one for the team!

The bowls look a little too duded up for me. I like traditional hawaiian bowls kept simple.

I’m excited to see what this new Indian place brings to the table.

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Do you mean that literally? Not if it involves imodium afterwards… I have a very twitchy colon.

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How long do you think that place will last? Why such a weird mix of things? I’m sure all the rbc girls will be there eating ice cream and drinking bubble tea but I don’t see them chowing down on raw tuna.

I wonder how long before a red bank dispensary opens?


This spot looks pretty interesting. At least it’s not italian.

Fizz Soda Fountain

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Let’s hope for something half decent.

I am still wondering what’s up with this cuban place. Last time I checked their website had no info at all…kind of weird and an ashame.

Is the French bistro closed down? I drove by Wednesday night on my way to siam garden and it was closed.

Beef kee Mao …extra spicy. Nice dish! @gcaggiano kunyas version is now a dollar more than siam :confused:

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Kunya is not cheap, but if you want expensive Thai food, look no further than Muang Thai in Red Bank.


I agree. Both Kunya and Muang used to be about 30% cheaper and I spent many years at kunya’s place…I’m talking hundreds of dishes to be honest. I used to go there once a week, or more from the intro. Now all three are up there. Hey, if they can get the prices, they should, but I am worried that Atlantic highlands can’t quite compete with RB. Hopefully she isn’t pricing herself out of the market. Judging by my last visit she is not. It was crowded.

On Wednesday at Siam I asked about the whole snapper which was market price. They only had 3 lb fish so I passed. 45 for a 3 lb snapper! Hell I can get a 3lb lobster for that kind of money.

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Kunya’s is always packed for dinner, and judging by two nights of Thai New Year this week, I do not think she is hurting. We sold out two seatings each night with people calling constantly during the night. Could not fit another soul in the place and I could barely navigate the dining room.

I think with AH’s large commuter crowd from the city via Seastreak, people come home and want to eat close. Kunya, being the only cultural option in town (and for several miles) fills a large void for a town that for a long time wanted to have the appearance as hipster and an “artist’s colony”. We can debate the shortcomings of 1st Avenue ad nauseum, but Kunya does satisfy the local appetite for culture. Only other restaurants in town are two Chinese takeout joints (one good, one horrid), a disgusting diner, three pizzerias, a hipster bar that doesn’t want you to know they exist, an upscale Mexican restaurant that doesn’t want you to know they exist, Christine’s which is supposedly great, Harborside, and the Wine Bar for $16 martinis.

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And I might add, though I love Atlantic Highlands (have worked there since 2011), they think they are Red Bank but have a long way to go.

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Andrea Clurfeld had a nice write up on the Kunya Thai New Year’s dinner which was expanded to 2 nights this year with 2 seatings each. It looked pretty awesome.

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I’ll keep my opinion of Ms. Clurfield to myself and say “Thanks for the review”.

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I guess she is not well liked in Central Jersey :slightly_smiling_face:
I miss Rosie Saferstein.