Recommended pizza spots in Toronto GTA

Do you have a bbq and a pizza stone? You’re welcome.

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We do have a large pizza stone… and a small BBQ, so I will have to see if it can fit. Good thought - hadn’t occurred to me.

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I tried the Blondies today hmm didn’t enjoy it much.
Pizza was very fresh that’s why I guess initial impression was decent

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Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it much.

Anabolic Eats She’s So Iberica pizza


Picked up a whole pizza from Badiali this time but had to order before noon. Quick tip one can bypass the lineups if preorder. Lineup were quite long even for an off peak hour.


Now I remember why I’ve never tried Blondie’s despite going by its Dundas location many, many times. Every picture looks exactly as you describe, Doc. Overcooked. Burnt pepperoni, dried browned cheese, black crusts. Pizza is supposed to be lightly charred, not immolated.

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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
Credit: Roozbeh Rokni, Flickr