Recommended pizza spots in Toronto GTA

Love it!

Wonder if they’d do it with regular mozzarella instead of smoked. (I pretty much only like smoked oysters, smoked salmon and smoked trout. I don’t eat anything else that’s smoked!)

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Badiali’s vodka slice , which I enjoyed a few weeks ago, was mentioned in this list.

While I typically avoid giving BlogTO clicks, I’ll add this link to this thread

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Some day you’ll make the trip to Mark’s Pizza. They occasionally pair up with Northern Smokes in the same plaza to make some truly decadent pizzas.

This week’s menu.

And in case you need a picture…

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Have you tried Badiali’s yet, @Googs? I realize it’s on the other side of the city, relative to many places you frequent.

It’s the best slice I’ve had in years. I hate lines so I went mid-afternoon on a weekday.

Mark’s is definitely still on our list!

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Here’s a pic of Mark’s Pizza’s slices and sandwiches. If you’re not up to a whole pizza, these’ll do the trick just fine.


Looks pretty yummy.

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Fresca near College and Spadina.
Pizzeria Lusso near Dufferin and Glencairn.

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Major bonus points for bringing new pizzas to the table, ShpiezMaven.

Does Lusso taste as traditional as it looks?

Fresca looks like a good place for students and 2am pizza-eaters. Is it? (Right or wrong, I really enjoy the YYZ pizza reviews.)

Both are what I would call “old school” Toronto pizzas: thin, but not floppy crust, ample toppings, and a sauce that is more than sugar and tomato puree. Both are really take-out only (Fresca has a few seats). Lusso has odd ours and only takes cash, I believe. Fresca has a garlic oil topping in-store that is excellent.

Dr J,
I’m just gonna leave this here…

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Ooo that’s sounds tempting…

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Well I made the drive all the way out to Mark’s. Managed to pick up the pizza right out of the oven and deliver it home within 25 minutes. We went with the special pizza noted above and one of the more regular options:

Honeycrisp apples, guanciale, shallots, cream, mozzarella, rosemary. Nice crust, with some chew and crispness. Excellent combo of toppings - sweet from the apple, herbal notes from the rosemary, and porky goodness from the guanciale.

Pepperoni, tomato sauce, basil, hot honey, finished with grated parmesan. The heat and sweetness of the honey provided great counterpoint to the salty, meaty pepperoni.

So overall, glad we finally tried Mark’s. Not sure I want to do the drive frequently when we have many good options closer at hand. But if we are already in the east end or if their special pizza is particularly tempting, would be happy to sample again.

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