Recommended Pakistani/Indian/Desi food spots in Toronto GTA

I would like to start this thread that focuses on the cuisine from the subcontinent.
Here are my picks though I have done mostly takeout recently
Bhoj for grilled chicken items. Malai and Tikka are regular items for moi. I also recommend their biryani
Karahi Boys Queen Street. For their namesake dish Karahi. Also the Bihari Kebab is priced high. I would recommend it though
Kahazana: This was very good as just tried it recently. I enjoyed the chicken kebab, chicken qorma and biryani (though it lacks the visual appeal of in store presentation) which was mostly chicken as opposed to rice! The shrimp curry was OK. They season their food well and don’t adjust which is great IMO.
Will also post places I have tried here and didn’t quite enjoy
Adrak Yorkville hmm geared towards instagram and western palate I didn’t quite enjoy my dinner at the restaurant. Seasoning held back. I tried the sampling platters (both veg and non veg) nothing to write home about.
Karahi Point: After hearing rave reviews this is heartburn galore IMO. Greasy with so much oil. I guess this would be a close resemblance to street side food from the region so if you crave that by all means try it out as they have opened up a location in Toronto Thorncliffe.
Goa farm to table. I quite enjoyed my food there when they operated under a different name and had their tasting menu which was very good. Takeout again geared towards western palate with spices held way back.


We have many places we enjoy:

Udupi Palace - lovely dosas and uthapams.
Sher-E-Punjab - I’ve gone there since the 70s and it has all the usual suspects, generally done very well. The samosas are particularly good.
Sultan of Samosas - we enjoy both the traditional and non-traditional options.
The Host - a bit pricier, but very solid. Like the jackfruit and the tandoor options.
Mother India - our go-to for Indian roti. Butter chicken of course, with the mutter paneer a close second. Nice chaat also.
Little India - a nice Goan fish curry amongst other things.
Aanch - a bit more fusion-y, but also some nice traditional options (e.g., goat curry).
Pukka - our favourite of the modern places, with lamb lollipops and curried pickerel.

We’ve heard all the best places are in Brampton and other far-flung locales, but we have never pursued these.


I haven’t been yet. I want to try this coffee shop on College St.

I found the Indian roti stuffed with navratan korma to be low quality and overpriced for what it was at the Bombay Roti take-out place near Lee’s Palace. I don’t recommend it.

Glad you mentioned your thoughts on Adrak. An Ismaili friend likes it, but I think I trust your taste buds more than his. :rofl: ( Although his mom’s samosas are the best I’ve had)

Do you want to include Hakka restaurants in this thread?

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Sure why not Hakka included as well. I didn’t enjoy Fredrick much though I went with someone who wanted it mild (gasp) just ruined it for me.
I tried Colaba junction Hakka noodles just food court level.
Speaking of ‘Ismaili’ food the Ismaili beef curry at now defunct rickshaw bar was one of my fav dishes (the chef being a friend as well nothing to do with it as the food there was really good) and I miss that spot a lot.


I liked Rickshaw Bar, too.

I want to try more Hakka dishes. I’ve only ordered Hakka food 3 or 4 times, so it’s new to me.

From @suresh


He also recommended Momo Zone recently on Metro Morning.

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I already have both of those on my wish list (thanks Suresh).
However, my issue/problem with Suresh is that he doesn’t seem ‘sensitive’ to MSG. I’ve tried his recommendations before and had a ‘strong reaction’ to added MSG.
So please, if anyone tries the above, would welcome comments on MSG.

I’ve had my eye on Momo Zone. We’re often in the area because, as Suresh rightfully points out, its been turning into a food district for a while now.

My advice is wait for the post-review line-ups to die down. I’d guess that the future online reviews will let you know if you need to be concerned.

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Out this way, Lageez is my absolute, hands-down favourite. Whether its take-out or dine in, its consistently great.

I think I’ve eaten pretty much everything on the menu. My regulars are the Goan Fish Curry and the so good, even my spouse will eat his veggies Baigan Bharta.

In our old neighbourhood, we quite liked Vindaloo Indian Cuisine. Perhaps the nicest room for a dine in Indian dinner in Scarborough.

Among my favourites were Seafood Vindaloo, Salmon Tikka, and the (wait for it) Seared Scallops. The chicken and lamb dishes are good too, but honestly finding a seafood focused North Indian restaurant is a real treat.


I’m sensitive to sulfites and nitrites, so I’ve been very careful with take-out lately, too. A lot of Thai and Vietnamese restaurant food, as well as some dishes from Terroni and Eataly have caused reactions lately.

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Linking for easier reference Rediscovering Toronto - also Indian buffet?

Had an impromptu trip to square one today as I guess it much was open. On the way back picked up bihari kebab from BBQ 2nite. Comes with free bread for take out fyi. Good stuff and made a good dinner. I think they are one of the better one’s in GTA though I rarely venture out of Toronto.