Recommended Dishes at Dragon Beaux? [San Francisco, Outer Richmond]

I’ll be with family/friends at Dragon Beaux this weekend and would appreciate any feedback you can give me on what or what not to order. I’ve already seen Night07’s informative post—

Anyone else have experiences to share? Thanks in advance.

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Currently I’m still unsure what’s going on with HO and FTC, but they have a nice post over there as well:

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I really enjoyed the har gao and black truffle fried rice. Didn’t order them but the thin egg noodle dishes looked great, too.

EDIT: The wrappers were definitely a bit overcooked but the shrimp were some of the best I’ve had as filling.

How was the meal? Any highlights?

Oh a little late, but I was going to say if you order dim sum earlier, they often have a little coupon printout (total amount of discount is a calculated percentage of your lunch bill) for a slight discount on dinner.

Thanks for all your input! It was a very satisfying meal. We mostly went with standard items—

1007 Jumbo Scallop Shui Mai
1010 Spinach Shrimp Dumpling
1105 Juicy Pork XLB
1210 Pan Seared Daikon Cake
1304 Shrimp Rice Crepe Roll
1304 Fish Chip Rose Red Rice Crepe Roll
1412 Roasted Pork Belly
1805 Classic Egg Custard Tart
Phoenix Oolong Tea

We got in line a few minutes before they opened, which was not early enough to get a table for our little group of four, but we accepted sharing a large table and were seated within a few minutes.

I usually prefer the funky complexity of pu-erh tea over oolong, but the Phoenix Oolong was full-flavored and smooth, very nice.

Three items per dish is most common at DB, not so convenient for four people, but the spinach har gow and regular XLB came with four per order.

I was just as happy with the standard pork XLB as with the Five Guys XLB with assorted flavors we had on my prior visit. The XLB came out piping hot in little ceramic spoon-like containers inside the steamers. The spoons were very difficult to handle, especially when hot, as you couldn’t get a good grip on the tiny handle and were in danger of dropping it if you tried. Nice thin skins, good amount of soup and good flavor. Not quite up to Din Tai Fung standards but pretty darn good.

I liked everything we had, though #1304 didn’t have a lot of flavor—perhaps I didn’t get enough of the sauce that went with it. The roasted pork belly was excellent, flavorful with crunchy crispy skin and silky smooth fat. My other favorites were the daikon cake and the shrimp cheong fun. If I had been eating dim sum more regularly I might need the novelty of more innovative dishes, but these well-executed standards really hit the spot for me. I have few recent comparisons but Dragon Beaux is as good as I’ve had in a long time.

I was surprised to escape for only $22 per person pre-tip, which included a coupon for $8.27 off on any non-holiday Monday-Thursday dinner.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

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