Recommended Desserts Toronto & GTA

Adding today’s haul from Castle and coal (rhubarb pana cota, forced rhubarb kougin amman and savory biscuit)
I also tried the key lime with creme brulee to order on site that went well


Btw Amadeus opening up in Yorkville at spot where calii love used to be. Walked by recently and saw the signs. Bomou also opened up in Rosedale


Picked up a scone from Bomou Rosedale place needs ironing out as very new imo. Starting with the stairs to the entrance seem unsafe maybe they are putting a railing etc as steps are small and rise quick.


Ok tried the scone and ironically just picked up the Yorkville post from the mail on the way back and they did a scones across the city ranking.
Bomou is ranked #2 it’s decent but imo not better than st John’s bakery version. Despite vowing not to visit kitten and bear after their poor service I am surprised to see them not included on the list here. Go figure (hint hint it’s not the best product that gets you in these so called rankings by publications that run on advertising :wink:


I was laughing because a small restaurant I like, located in LdnOnt, probably the best upscale brunch in the city, was bragging that it won an award for top brunch in Ontario, through OpenTable.

I looked at the other restaurants on the shortlist.

Hothouse. I went to the Hothouse buffet brunch exactly once, around 21 years ago. I was not impressed , not my kind of thing. I’m assuming Hot House has sort of stayed the same.

Haven’t been to Holt’s Café in close to 10 years, and I’ve only done dinner at Cluny.

Sorry! Slightly ’ off-topics '.
I bought some ’ VALRHONA Caraibe Grands Cru Dark Chocolate ’ during my recent trip to Paris. Both the 66% and 75% Cocoa ones.
I made these homemade Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate Bark using the 66%. Very yummy!!.. but just a touch overly sweet . Will try using the 75% cocoa ones for my next batch…or a mixture of both



Rahier’s " Chocolate Birkin " Dark Chocolate Mousse Purse cake.


Some really good donuts from ALL YOU KNEAD bakeshop.
Top left- Pina Colada
Middle 2- Funnel cake
Can’t remember what the top right is
Bottom right- Lemon cream
Bottom left - Apple fritter


Those look great.

But it does beg the question. Are donuts desserts?


Donuts are whatever you want them to be, they don’t abide by societal “rules” :slight_smile:


Well, I think they are essential food group.



They certainly are!! :smile:

Sorry! Slightly off-topics!
For comparison, these were the colourful array of ’ Eclairs ’ I bought in Paris, during my food crawl.

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Just slightly off topic :slight_smile: Apples-oranges…

Both colourful…and yummy?!

Interesting. 3.5€ per eclair. What is the size? Difficult to tell from the photo.

About 4 inches in length…from the famous ’ L’ Eclair de Genie ’ which has a stall at Gallerie Lafayette

Ordered La Vie en Rose today from Laduree very sweet even with the raspberries puree to off set would appeal to some as taste profile might be what some crave


Yes! I too find most Laduree products a touch too sweet for my liking…even though I already have a high sweet tolerance! Haven’t had a Macaroon from them for years…having tried an overly sweet one years ago!!

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Well macarons are supposed to be quite sweet so kinda expected. I do enjoy their other desserts a lot though as they are more rich (creamy) as opposed to sweet (st honore etc)