Recommended Desserts Toronto & GTA

So after a second trip to Cafe Boulud within last few just to get desserts I would like to start this thread so we can all share our fav
Here are some of my recommendations plus pics
Cafe Boulud Grapefruit Givre amazing as always. I tried the Baked Alaska with Rhubarb sauce hmmm I have had better Baked Alaska but this will please all the social media needs :slight_smile:
For delivery I quite enjoyed the Nugateau Gateau Marbre
Haven’t been to Roselle in a while but need to change that soon.


I mostly buy desserts at Emmer these days. Their tarts are very good. They often have cream pies lately, but I haven’t tried any yet.

I can also recommend the lemon raspberry mousse cake at Nadege.

I like the ice cream at Good Behaviour and Bakerbots.

Mochi donuts at Isabella’s.

Sticky toffee at the Oxley.

The most frequent purchase for me are pies from Farm Boy. I think I’ve tried all the flavours they make. I also tried the Farm Boy Blueberry Tart ($7.50 for a little pan- in the refrigerator near the Nanaimo bars and lemon squares) and Farm Boy Pasteis de Nata tonight, which I liked. Better than I expected.


Have yet try Emmer but its on the list.
I recall trying the mousse cake at nadege personally I am not big on cakes but will keep it mind for a gift.
Haven’t visited bakerbots in a while so need to change that. Futura Granita gelato is still feeding the gelato fix for now.
Also a very good matcha cookie is to be found at Neo Coffee bar especially when on promo. Attaching pic (cappuccino is home made on Barista express:)


Agree about the grapefruit givre. That’s one of my favourites in the city. I find the stuff at Nugateau too sweet.

Some other favourites in no particular order:

Scaramouche - coconut cream pie
El Charro - chocoflan - essentially moist chocolate cake stacked with creamy vanilla flan and a caramel sauce
Bonjour Brioche - sour cherry clafouti - lovely crust and not too sweet overall
Mandi Afandi - masoob - like a banana bread pudding, topped with cream, raisins, and nuts
Uncle Tetsu - chocolate cheesecake (on Thursdays only)
So Hungary - cheese palacsinta (eggy crepes filled with dry cottage cheese)
Alo (takeout) - hazelnut Paris Brest
Sasaki - manju (mugwort, cherry blossom especially)
Figo - panna cotta with pink peppercorn and blood orange
George - any of the ice creams and gelatos
Death in Venice - most of the gelatos, including coconut lemon cream pie and coconut pandan
White Lily Diner - chocolate pudding donut
Roselle - banana cream eclair
Bang Bang - especially the banana pudding ice cream
Wynona - blood orange panna cotta (with cardamom and pine nuts)
Dough - bread pudding
Dova - arancia tiramisu
Bomou - raspberry chocolate eclair, earl grey canele
Batifole - tarte de citron
Blackbird - chocolate cork, canele
Lucullus - egg tart
Hastings Snack Bar - plum donuts
Tiflisi - pelamushi - a grape flavoured pudding
Lapinou - plum tart
Isabella’s - mochi donuts (esp. strawberry yuzu)
Patisserie La Cigogne - mirabelle plum tart


Thanks for sharing DrJohn I see a pattern of banana based desserts.
I just baked an organic banana bread recently so will savor it today :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Hmm George ice cream wasn’t worth the trip for moi maybe I got the wrong flavors I recall trying 3 different one’s but none impressed.
I was told some new desserts being added Monday at Cafe Boulud (I assume the rhubarb stuff is going to go)
Has anyone found a good Kouign-amann? I am not saying Montreal level but at least decent would be good.
Alo bar desserts weren’t good. I am thinking of trying Osteria Giulia as looks tempting and nearby.


Oh that’s too bad about George. We haven’t had a bad one yet. Latest one we tried was chocolate banana (there it is again) jam.

We are no connoisseurs of Kouign-Amanns but have liked Blackbird’s version.

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Tasso makes the best Kouign Amman I’ve ever tried. They sell the standard version plus a cardamom version.


Lemon granita and mango granita from Futura.

Futura doesn’t seem to make the granita flavours I like the most in Italy: mint and coffee.

I find their lemon granita a little astringent but I would still order it again.


I tried Hazelnut at Alberobello which was decent, lemon mascrapone meh same goes for the sorbetto.
Since I am the same distance from Futura Granita and Alberobello I will pick the former I guess :slight_smile:
Eataly is good as well as Futura was a bit off on the last visit. Not a fan of Nani’s Gelato though it seems to be very popular and close by as well.
Phoenikia I picked up Strawberry Mint not the same I know at Futura for someone.


Good to know. Might try it another time.

I haven’t had the gelato at Eataly, Nani or Alberobello yet.

I still like Punto Gelato. I tend to get coffee, mint or fruit flavours. Not a fan of creamier flavours or nut flavours.

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Funny enough I just had Punto or Gemma (the name has changed for the Yorkville location) just now hmm serviceable.


Too bad. I haven’t been since last summer, but I have been going to that location under its various names for 7 years.

Is that pistachio?

I almost went out tonight, to get gelato from Gemma/Punto or ice cream from Bakerbots and talked myself out of it.

Yeah pistachio flavor.
I enjoy bakerbots as well as bang bang ice cream have atrocious wait times.
Icecreamonology has decent feedback so that’s on the list as well

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Oh forgot to add les moulins lafayette has a decent black forest offering (single and whole cake form) it’s a popular cake for certain regions so some folks do seek it.

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Also adding Laduree’ for the IMHO the best french toast in the city. I enjoy their macarons a lot as feel they are the benchmark. I am waiting for their full fledge patessrie which is limited to Vancouver for now

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My friend always tried to push the French Toast at Bonjour Brioche. That was her favourite version.

I’ve got some quirky tastes. I don’t like croissants, coconut cream pie, banana cream pie, crème brûlée or French Toast. I don’t hate them, but I wouldn’t order any of them for myself. That said, my friends love those desserts so I sometimes know where to buy good versions for other people.

The passionfruit tart and lemon meringue tart that I picked up at Nadege yesterday were hits.

I like Black Forest. I ordered one for my birthday last year, and bought one in cottage country last week.

The Apricot Tree in Mississauga looks like its European tortes might be the real deal. I haven’t had a chance to try their version yet

I will have to check out Les Moulins Lafayette version.

For Kouign-amann, have you tried Gouter?

Soma Chocolatier also looks amazing & innovative.

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Soma is very good. They also serve good gelato, and affogato.

I used to spend more at Soma each year (maybe $1500ish a few years, when they were my go-to for Easter, Xmas, hostess gifts and personal chocolate) than I spent at the liquor store or any one restaurant.

Global News interviewed me as I was leaving Soma just before Easter about 10 years ago, and my cousin saw me on TV in Edmonton.


Yes I have tried Gouter as they are part of the “farmer’s market” every Wednesday at the Yorkville Village. Not impressed as found it more bready and sugar not caramelized properly.
Yeah agree with Phoenikia visits to SOMA can get expensive real quick. Big fan of their Gelato. Their chocolate items hmm as well regarded as they are I am more into plain chocolates now and have tried their tasting set here and there not for me. They make excellent gifts though and are sure to impress and cograts on being almost famous Phoenikia :slight_smile:


I admit, I’m more of a filled chocolate than plain chocolate person.

I’m not a big fan of their barks, logs and seasonal novelties.

In terms of their truffles/ pralines/ filled chocolates, these are the flavours I’ve purchased over and over again when I choose the chocolates going into a box:
Maya dome
Cherry bomb
Salt caramel
Lemon Ginger
Caramel Kiss

I also like their dark chocolate English toffee.

Current truffle flavors at Soma

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