Recommended conical burr coffee grinders?

I am looking for a conical burr coffee grinder to give someone as a gift. It will be used exclusively to grind beans for use in a Frieling 36oz french press.

A few I’m considering are the Hario Skerton (how much time will the manual grinding add to a morning routine?) and Capresso Infinity (might be overkill for the needs).

What do you use that you’d recommend?


Hi uni,

I gave the Hario Skerton to my son last Christmas, and he loves it! It would pair well with a french press coffee maker. It will outperform or at least match almost anything else, at any price. If there is any anticipated time crunch, grind a few days worth as a reserve.



I am a firm believe that God invented electricity for a reason. (In other words, a hand grinder is useful only when the power is out!) ;^)

I’d opt for a Baratza Virtuoso, personally.

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