Recommendations for propane wok burner?

I have twice bought a wok burner from the Wok Shop in San Francisco, about a 30K BTU model, which the operator said should be fine for my household woks, and I shouldn’t need those steroidal ones at 100K BTU, etc. In any case, the regulator that I got each time did not conform to the included (predictably spare) instruction sheet from Taiwan or China. I never could get the regulator to work just right. I still have and use a carbon wok from there that I bought in person 25 years ago, and I love the woman running the place. But I want a wok burner that works well.

So I don’t want a burner like those wider ones that people use for crab boils or pots of gumbo or paella, just to be clear. Source ideas and experiences? Thanks!

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My camp chef burners work well, I have two., a single and a two burner. Perhaps your regulators are defective, have you considered replacing the gas line and regulator. Maybe your burners are poor, and you may try another brand.

Have you considered discussing this with the wok shop?

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Thanks, Alan707. Not sure about contacting Wok Shop again, as I did so already a second time to get the second burner. (I much respect the place and operator.) But in each case, I got the same regulator, which did not match the included instructions physically or functionally. Also, I need a Wok-shaped/sized burner, as I have no stake in campsite-style things for boiling large amounts of water. What I like about the Wok Shop burner is that it’s shaped to fit woks, rather than flat-topped. Made from aluminum, it seems, but I did perhaps let some corrosion or crusting get into the vent holes. But never did either work as I anticipated from the get go…

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I guess you have not used or seen one. The wok rests inside of the ring.

The ring allows a pot to rest on top but the diameter of the ring cradles a wok.

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I have two camp chefs propane burners with a ring, I looked at the current version of the 30 btu propane burners and the images on the internet have a star type pattern, not a ring. I checked my one burner camp chef and it has a ring. My camp chefs might be over 20 years old.

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I have no experience with these but perhaps this will help.


Thanks! I in fact already found the same site, and from general respect for Kenji and too much else to do, I just ordered the top pick. Rather pricey.

FIngers crossed, and for a good while, because their website told of a 1-3 month lead time before delivery! I don’t know if it got suddenly popular from the review, or if it’s just good old supply-chain headache.

Best of Luck :crossed_fingers:
Looks like the Amazon Reviews are pretty stellar. Would love to hear back about it after you have it.
Of course once you have it Chef Wang may be able to help with technique

Me too! I had a stovetop wok years ago which I thought was crap. Since then my method for Asian is cast iron to pan fry/sear proteins, and SS for veggies/spices/sauce (big enough to keep everything on the bottom of the pan)… then toss it all together and serve.

Been pretty happy with the results, but don’t usually cook for more than two (and sometimes four). Never used a high BTU setup but would luv to hear if/how they are a game changer.

If it functions anywhere near as well as a Pro set up it is definitely a “game changer”.

The Wok Shop had burners. I’ve considered them, but a little spendy. Still, this sucker looks idea for wokin’ out.

I bought that one twice, I think–it’s price is higher now, but the look and BTU is the same. That’s the one where I couldn’t quite figure out the regulator. My fault, I don’t know. But the included regulator was different to the one in the actual instructions, and it just seemed kind of cheap and unreckonable. The Burner itself is a great shape, and I did look into buying a separate regulator at a local grill-part place, but either price or uncertainty about suitability left me not asking them to order one. I don’t know about “high-pressure” versus other regulators. etc. I love the Wok Shop, though, for many other reasons. Now, I’m looking more at a more polished system, which will cost a bit more still.

Hmm. Sorry that didn’t work out for you.

I’m thinking of popping some holes near the top of my charcoal chimney and just using that. My wok fits right in there.

Charcoal chimney can work, although heat adjustments would be a bit more of a handful. Certainly a lot cheaper!

BTW: I have also high seared steaks this way with great success by simply putting a metal grate right on top of a hot chimney, Likey to scorch the grate, but I can live with that. Would work especially well with finishing off sous-vide steaks. Only problem is you’re limited to one steak at a time.

Though there are usually a number of ways to get things done for less money, sometimes spending a bit more and have a smooth pleasurable experience with excellent results is the way to go. One is much more likely to do it again.
A Paella Burner is a great example of that, and I imagine an good Wok Burner set up will be too.

Much as I like to McGiver my way through, you are also correct. Sometimes it’s best to spend the money and think a whole lot less about it.