Recommendations for horseradish cheddar

I’ve been liking a horseradish cheddar from Trader Joe’s. I would buy more there, but shopping at TJ’s during the holidays is a nightmare! Does anyone have any recommendations for another brand? I live in the SF Bay Area so I shop at Whole Foods, Safeway, and some smaller local markets. Thanks.


I am a fan of most things Boar’s Head, and they make a Horseradish Cheddar Cheese. Unfortunately my Safeway does not carry the brand, but a lot in your neighborhood do.

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Thanks. Our Safeways have big Boar’s Head sections so I’ll look when I go out today.

Cabot Creamery in Vermont makes a good one. They have a zip code store locator.


Thanks. I saw that one online too. I was at the local Whole Foods today, and they had 97 million other Cabot cheddars, but not horseradish, of course. I ended up with a horseradish havarti which should be good.

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Horseradish Cheese | Wisconsin’s Cheese Brothers - Cheese Brothers, Inc. (

I think you’ll like the Havarti. I love the stuff. Horseradish addict. Anytime my buddy gives me the homemade HR, I feel like a “shiner” for a minute. Then I remember it’s not against the law. Ah well. Love to grow it in my yard and make it myself, but it takes over.


My grandmother made her own horseradish - really strong. The first time I made it in a blender and took the top off to smell it, I swear I was temporarily blinded!
I now buy it rather than make it, and I really like the Gold’s horseradish when I can find it.
My husband has invented a sandwich he calls The Mongo - roast beef or pastrami, horseradish, mayo, and lettuce on sliced sourdough. It’s pretty good.

I keep a root in the fridge and grate it with a microplane, just what I need. Works good.

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That’s a good idea. That way it’s always spicy and fresh.

Also, low risk of blindness.


I did that too! You only do it once.

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I don’t use it enough to keep a whole root around without letting it go bad, but I wonder if you could keep it in the freezer and grate as needed?

I find that it loses its “oomph” in the freezer. The root I have is from this past Passover, and it hasn’t gone bad yet.


Just wanted to let you know that the Roth horseradish havarti I bought was disappointingly bland. If I didn’t know it was supposed to have horseradish, I probably wouldn’t have guessed. On to Cabot and Boar’s Head!

That sucks. I don’t know the brand of the kind I buy (deli case) but it screams horseradish. Never heard of Roth.

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Just saw this while shopping.


Did you buy it?

I did not.
Perhaps I should take one for the team.
I’ll look tomorrow again.
Not a brand I know. From NY.