Recommendations for gas cooktop, oven, range, fridge and dishwasher?

Thank you for linking the article. I found the specific information about range hoods helpful.

Unfortunately, the article didn’t address the elephant in the room, open plan kitchens. For the record, I despise them.

With open plan kitchens:

You lose an entire wall on which you could put appliances, cabinets and countertop.

You can’t contain the cooking grease and odors.

I bake and I have pets. I need to be able to close the kitchen doors to keep the pets out of the cooling baked goods.

I’m a night owl so I cook and bake after midnight. During summer I particularly like to cook and make jam in the wee hours. If I had an open kitchen I would wake up anyone who was sleeping in the house.


Not sure I agree with this graphic from that article.


Instead dishwasher, I would rather my refrigerator as part of that triangle.


I agree with you. It looks like a labeling mistake to me by whoever labeled the diagram. And the refrigerator is normally considered part of the work triangle, as far as I know, so there’s that too.

No… that was intentional. It is his preference. Quote:

You do not need to centralize your refrigerator or wall ovens because they do not require your immediate attention.

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Went back to the article—you’re right. That is certainly a point where I would disagree with the article as written. Actually for me it’s best that my kitchen work triangle includes the dishwasher right beside the sink. I include stove, fridge, sink + dishwasher in my real-life work triangle.

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That, to me, is an odd take on the refrigerator. I am always finding myself having a mid-cook need to grab another ingredient that I overlooked or under measured in my mise or just got inspired to add, and it is often in the refrigerator…vermouth, Marsala, capers, cream, crema, citrus, cheese, and so on. The D/W, at least for me, is better placed next to the sink.


We are waiting on a Whirlpool fridge per advise of our local dealer. They steered me away from an LG which ticked all my boxes because of compressor issues. Been there done that with a GE years ago.

I agree. And I would never want the dishwasher to be anywhere but next to the sink.

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Truth be told I don’t even use my dishwasher

We were appliance shopping this am, and this is the Whirlpool for me.
Bottom 2 doors are side by side freezers with pull out drawers. No big frozen turkeys for us, but can not remeber the last time we had on in the freezer.

Product Description


the classic triangle is sink-stove-refrigerator.

now. . . .considering the sink-to-dishwasher marriage, this triangle is not entirely cookoo - as “definitions” do vary.

my input to ‘recommendations’ for x, x, x, y, z . . . .
avoid anything Viking - “professional” or otherwise. it’s junk. my six burner cook top has been unplugged for years and years because no not-even-local organization could offer a potential “date” or "it could be , , , " solution.

the biggest issue is “service” - all things break/fail - but when your nearest service availability for the dishwasher is three weeks away . . . that ueber quiet Bosch machine is not really all so attractive.

I practice mise en place by taking out and measuring every ingredient first thing when I begin cooking so I don’t need the refrigerator to be close by.

On the other hand, I clean as I go. As soon as I’m done with a pot/pan/dish/utensil I rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. I need the dishwasher to be right next to the sink.

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This may be the preferred practice when prepping for a meal. And I do it often myself, but not always.

Let’s say you are just going to make something ad hoc, and during your cooking (let’s say you’re making instant ramen) and inspiration strikes and your mise en place has not taken into account serendipity. What then?

In that instance, I would want my fridge to be part of that triangle. Not the dishwasher, which I never use anyway.

I think this thread really does speak to individual needs.

I am on my second six burner Viking, and while I wish the first had lasted forever, I don’t regret this one.

Obviously people who don’t use their dishwashers don’t need them to be handy. However, I believe it’s unusual to have a dishwasher and not use it.

My refrigerator isn’t in the next county, it’s still in the kitchen so it’s not difficult to reach if I decide I need something while I’m cooking.

I don’t eat instant ramen so your scenario doesn’t apply to me.

Me too. I don’t see how a dishwasher would require immediate attention. Me -particularly since I don’t even use my dishwasher.

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Same here. Even if I have everything, I find myself want to put things back into the refrigerator too. Either takes things our or put things in. A nearby refrigerator is important to me. I suppose everyone is different. For those who need a dishwasher closer, they are thinking about the cleaning up steps.