Recommendation - a dedicated pot for deep frying on a gas stovetop ?

So my wife would like a dedicated pan for deep frying, but not a deep fryer, which would be the best solution.

She also want to be able to use it for other types of cooking like soups and Thai curries.

Raw cast iron and raw carbon steel is not an option.

My first suggestion would be an enamelled cast iron pot (Staub or Le Creuset).

But will this beat my other suggestion - either a stainless steel walled pot with a thick sandwich Alu bottom (Fissler Original Profi) or a multi cladded pot with a thick sandwich Alu bottom (Lagostina Lagofusion) ?

I’ve tried all 3 types, but I’m not into deep frying and didn’t notice much difference in cooking result to be honest, so what would the Deep Frying experts suggest here ?

FYI It’s a birthday gift.

Have you considered a wok?


From a pure usage angle, I don’t see an enameled cast iron pot being better than a stainless/aluminum pot for deep frying and making soup. To me, the biggest drawback of stainless steel surface cookware is that proteins(meats) can easily stick to the surface during pan frying, but that is not a problem for deep frying. Otherwise, stainless ply cookware is easier to clean and more durable. The biggest concern of an enamaled cast iron cookware is that it is easy to chip. I suppose if your wife and you do not worry about potential chipping, then it is a good choice too.
A pot size is important too. If the pot is small, then it won’t able to handle a lot of foods, but it will be more efficient when you only want to deep fry a few items.

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+1 Wok / Kadhai. I don’t deep fry in anything else, ever.

For the latter, you can get different sizes depending on what the most frequent batch size of fry is likely to be.

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A Wok is not a soup pot. I am a fan of stainless: light weight for lifting when filled with soup or draining out the frying oil, heats quickly for deep frying and will cool more quickly than cast iron when you’re done with deep frying. When simmering soup, the occasional stir prevents ingredients sticking.

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You can absolutely make soup in a Wok.

How do you think Chinese restaurants make egg drop soup or hot and sour soup?

I’m sure you have lots of pots in your kitchen already that will work well for soup.

Combining a soup pot with deep frying functionality wouldn’t be my approach.

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A wok is not it, in this case.

She’s not crazy about using a wok for soups even though many do so. She prefers a straight sided pot for soups.

She feels the stability of a straight sided cooking vessel for soups is far better than it is for a wok.

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I’m still eyeing this Amazon Basics 7.3 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Would this work??
Amazon Basics Dutch Oven

Well, allow me to be frank here - it’s her gift and not yours - and she would like a pot that can be used for both.

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Thanks to all for your suggestions and opinions.

I think I’m going for a 24 cm Lagostina Lagofusion stewpot with the thick sandwich bottom and clad walls.


Nice looking pot.


Beautiful. I hope she likes it. I rarely deep fry but when I do, I either use my wok or a cast iron chicken fryer that does double duty as a sourdough break baker.


Get an aluminum pot for dedicated deep frying. Shouldn’t have to spend more than fifty bucks.


Well Charlie, I got a great deal on the Lagostina Lagofusion with the thick bottom and cladded walls.

On top of it, it can be used for so many other things than just deep frying.


As you have already got the gift, this is directed not at you, Claus, but to the HO community at large. Deep frying in a deep fryer is a poor solution unless it is a restaurant level appliance. Those little counter top fryers just can’t hold temperature well enough to achieve perfection. A pot or pan on a burner is a much better solution. I like using the wok (also it is great for Thai curries). I know you ruled out bare metals, but my top picks would be bare aluminum or a kadhai. I have seen dedicated fry baskets used but far prefer a spider. The spider is a worthy accessory and terrific for blanching vegetables, removing pasta, and plenty more.

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WOW - the image I found on Amazon of that pot is beautiful. The type of finish details my cooking buddy and I call “almost too pretty to cook in”. Hope your wife is thrilled and enjoys many years of great birthday memories as she uses the gift.


That really is one of the biggest advantages of using a wok to deep fry.

You use less oil to deep fry the same amount of comestibles as you would if used a more traditional cylindrical-pot shaped vessel.