Recipes for infants

I’m helping care for our seven month old granddaughter who is enjoying baby-led weaning. We are using the excellent app SOLID STARTS and have a very good handle on which foods to introduce. We have been introducing single foods, both cooked (such as broccoli) and raw (such as berries). But I would love some suggestions for where to find recipes (both baked and cooked-on-stovetop) that include a combination of ingredients rather than just single ingredients.
Our granddaughter loved these:

I think she really enjoyed the combination of flavors in these patties and we are always happy when we find a recipe that includes a little protein (beans, in this case).
If anyone can suggest a book with recipes or specific recipes, I’d be very grateful.

i am not a baby and made these for myself and really enjoyed them after spicing them up a little. her site seems to be up your alley.

Thank you so much! That is exactly the kind of recipe I am looking for. And the website looks like it has a number of other great recipes. Thanks again.


Wow, things sure have changed in a generation! Not so long ago it seems I was pureeing fruits and veggies and freezing them in ice cube trays for the babies…Now they feed themselves. Best wishes on your adventures!

Me too, mts—I remember prepping fruits and veggies the same way. But I think this new way of letting babies self-feed is great, even though the mess they create is truly something to behold! We actually strip her down to her diaper for her meals and then put her in the sink to rinse her off after she eats.

Now if I could just find time to search for a recipe for homemade rusks or other very firm, thick cracker on which we could pile up nutritious foods (like mashed beans) for her to scrape off with her two lower teeth. We are now using toasted ciabatta (sp?) rolls but I know we can find a better option to make ourselves.

you can buy shelf-stable corn tortillas, cut them into pieces, spray with a little oil and bake in the oven for chips! you can also make jicama, carrot or beet chips by slicing them with a mandolin and baking them.

for buying, there’s also wasa toast crackers made from rye or multi-grain.

Great ideas! Thank you.