Recipe Tin Eats

I had never heard of Recipe Tin Eats blog or her (Nagy) new cookbook: Recipe Tin Dinners. (mentioned here on HO) I love her blog (she lives in Sydney, Australia) and she explains her recipes well, lots of great photos. I had to wait a few days but I got her cookbook as an ebook loan from my library.

I love using fresh curry leaves … just made this recipe. For some reason, it only calls for cayenne powder. Next time I’ll add 1-2 minced, sauteed serranos for a little more kick. I like her method of roasting eggplant batons at 450 for 20 minutes, turn, another 10 minutes. (I zebra striped the skin) She instructs to mix the batons with veg oil, s & p, then roasting. To me, this wasn’t enough oil to brown well so I sprayed the batons with TJ Olive Oil spray … that did the trick. Instead of a bit of tomato sauce, I used some slow roasted cherry tomatoes. Oh, and I did a double recipe, 4 Globe Eggplants.

It’s hard to make eggplant look pretty … she did a much better job than I did but I’ll post the photo anyway.

My friends and I love the taste; I even like it cold with a little piece of pita.