Recipe Serving Size Toggle Switch and other helpful tools

Just a big :raised_hands: to recipe websites that include an adjustable serving size button for users to adjust portions accurately.

Any other features you found helpful or would welcome to your favorite recipe website.



I’ve been experimenting with a lot of asian food recently. I love it when a recipe links to IMAGES of 2 or 3 examples of recommended brands of an unusual ingredient.


Ironically I was just looking up a recipe online and the site had this feature (as a 1x/2x/3x option) - the down side . . . which I hadn’t noticed before . . . is that the recipes don’t start with a serving size (e.g. serves 4), so in this instance, not so helpful.

I was looking at a mini cheesecake recipe and the site adjusted the ingredient list by how many cupcakes you planned on baking. Very helpful. It was the first time I noticed this feature.

I agree about photos. When they are included the visual is a helpful jumping off point.

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Oh, I love this. I’m gonna’ look for it on website recipes now! So many times I’ve made dishes for a group and they turn out great, but when I try to modify them for two ppl it’s not as good and vice versa.

Paprika, the recipe storeys app, has a serving size adjuster.

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