recent manhattan chinatown bites

after dim sum yesterday, stopped by tai pan bakery for a dan tat and a Portuguese tart, very good crust, custard was flaky and delicious but the dan tat lacked the egginess I usually associate with the pasty…or maybe I was just so full from dim sum that my palate lacked nuance. Likewise, the portugese tart was good but flavor didn’t measure up to their usual standard.

In flushing, I think tai pan dan tat> flushing bakery but flushing bakery portugese tart > tai pan…In any case, both bakeries are my last stops before leaving flushing.

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On I remember Tai Pan. I like it. That being said, Manhattan Chinatown does not have bad egg tart. Every stores are ranging from good to very good.

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I like this one. Harper’s Bread House. But again, everything is pretty good in Manhattan for egg tarts.


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I like harpers too, sun sai gai was also a favorite but sadly they no longer make baked goods.

Would you know if Harper’s makes their own crust from scratch?

@vinouspleasure I am a simple man. I like the fact that their Chinese name is “Egg Tart King”. Moreover, their egg tarts are indeed not bad.
@bmorecupcake Sorry. I do not know. I hope they do, but I do not have proof.

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lol, I’ve also been to double crispy and thought it pretty good. near our town in westchester there was a now defunct portuguese bakery which made pasteis de nata with a cookie crust, it was fabulous. perhaps next winter I’ll try to reproduce it in our kitchen.

I don’t know but would guess they do. next time I’m there I’ll ask.

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Oh yes, I like that place too. I used to get my egg tarts the most from Harper’s Bread and Double Crispy. I just didn’t remember that is its English name. I only remember the Chinese name is Portuguese Tart King.

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