Really different, AMAZING Hot Dog

I have come to love Pati Jinich. While not a fan of every recipe, she surprisingly knocked a hot dog out of the park.

I did sub brown mustard for the mayo/horseradish though… seriously yummy.


I’m a no pàti zone.

How come?

Thanks. These may be on the Super Bowl menu…

I like Sonoran hot dogs


I don’t wanna see her kids in every episode.
If she would tour regional outposts in the good ol’USA
I would watch.

I ended up making the avocado relish to go with our bratwurst for the Super Bowl. I skipped the whole bacon wrapping, cheese, etc. Avocado relish was really good - very refreshing and flavorful - sort of a chunkier guacamole. I also used mustard instead of the mayo/horseradish spread. Thanks, @ScottinPollock. I’ll definitely make it again, also as a stand alone dip.