Raw water- the latest fad

I am in the wrong business. People are now paying $16.49 for 2.5 gallons of untreated, ‘raw’, water.

Maybe I’ll bottle some in the streams around here to sell at the farmer’s markets. :slight_smile:

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If you boil the water, is it not raw anymore?

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Boiling gets rid of some bacteria, but won’t get rid of things don’t go away with boiling, like crap, pee, and heavy metal.

(It was a joke.)

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Sure there is a market for it. I have an orchid at home that need to be constantly submerged in stream water, I use rain water that has less “nutrients”. Tap water here has too much calcium, not very suitable for many plants.

I guess after you get several round of sickness, body will develop some kind of resistance vs the bacteria in the raw water. I see my cat drinks in the saucers outdoor after raining or watering, didn’t see him sick.

Why would you do that? That will kill all the nutrients.


"He believes fluoride is a mind-control drug with no dental health benefits to speak of. "

oh haha. i am sure they like the water unadulterated.

You can come to my property in Mount Shasta City. I’ll look out the window to the mountain. The water comes from there. I have a well. Thanks for another advertisement for my upcoming Airbnb.


A well is a human construct. Water in a man-made well is a prison for the purpose to trap and to confine. It is cruel. I don’t know if you are joking, but you cannot compare water in a well to natural raw water. It is like comparing a Perdue chicken to a Phoenix in the sky.


Man cannot make water. The same water on Earth has been here for millions of years. So what’s your point.

My poor well is 165 ft deep .

I think he’s joking

Thanks for setting me straight. I’m not in a joking mood tonight

Because giardia and fecal contamination are something most of us can only aspire to.

Seriously, this is one of the most mindbendingly stupid things to come around yet.


Indeed. That’s why no one talks about conbiotics. They’re all pro!


I liked the joke but I’m sorry you’re bummed.
Nothing personal!
Happy New Year?



Does this mean drinking out of the toilet?