Raw Milk. Do you believe in Raw Milk?

I know many Indian friends of mine swear by a big difference between water buffalo cheese vs regular cow cheese.

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Yeah, maybe for only the weak ones among us afraid to (a) approach and to (b) milk polar bears!

It takes a special kind of person who can milk polar bears.

Apply Today for milking jobs!



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I am a big fan of buffalo mozzarella.

There is a newish stand at a local farmers’ market that sells buffalo mozzarella and ricotta. It’s so fresh and delicious.

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Just skimming this meandering thread (I don’t have the stamina to follow it). Here’s a concept that might blow your mind @shrinkrap…back in my Asian club kid days in Boston, the guys used to drink whiskey with a cold (cow) milk chaser. I tried it on several occasions - it was actually good!


Buffalo milk (it’s just called buffalo in India, no one would understand if someone called it water buffalo) is much higher in fat than cow’s milk.

So the yogurt, paneer, and so on are much richer too.

When my mom wants to make ghee, she orders buffalo milk for a week or two. Enough cream collected (from the top) for ghee, then back to cow.

(I can’t tell the difference other than when I make tea - needs less of the richer milk to get to the same color. But apparently the ghee is different too - cow ghee is “lighter” to digest and also lighter in color, iirc)


So no one else has had water buffalo milk ice cream? I’m pretty sure I posted about it here. I had it at Farmstead in Napa. They told me there was no sugar in it, and I didn’t believe it.


@Chemicalkinetics ; you were there!


Stop showing off.

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Sheep milk is really great tasting, especially raw and more or less directly from the source (and obituary sheep milk cheese is very common throughout the world and produces some nice flavor profiles

Actually mixing them gives a very nice punch


I have! Just not in Napa,

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Okay. But seriously. Is it not a thing?

Just teasing you. I am sure it is a thing, but I don’t have the pleasure try it yet.

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@shrinkrap I wonder if this is the source of what you had (milk cream flavor sounds like for di latte and I wish I could have some right now)


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Could be! I’ve been getting security warnings when I click the link, but it’s one of two sources for water buffalo milk Ive found around here. I was under the impression they made the ice cream at the restaurant, but that night I didn’t know what to believe!

I clicked through, the website isn’t very current I think is the probem

I was actually trying to find something in nyc, but of course everything takes me to Buffalo, NY :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Nothing surprises me when alcohol is involved! Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

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“Humans were drinking milk before they could digest it.
Study of ancient Africans suggests dairy consumption predated evolution of lactase persistence genes”

I can buy sheep’s milk from a local-ish fairy. I like it but it’s awfully pricey

Probably drink the sheep milk as a treat then. Is it like3-4 times more expensive than cattle milk?

I anticipated at least one Meet the Parents reference.