raw Mexican choriso NYC

I stumbled on a really good one in Dec at the local ShopRite.
Unfortunately, they don’t know what it was I and I din’t write it down.
It was a 10.5z tube with metal staples at each end and it was locally produced.
If anyone knows or has a good rec for raw Mexican chorizo, preferably in Manhattan, I’d appreciate it.

Pretty sure Whole Foods has it at the meat counter, and one or two packaged ones by the sausages.

Where are you in nyc? There are likely neighborhood market options too.

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usually midtown. I’ll have to check at 26th St again. Thanks,

Essex Street Market
Zaragoza Grocery, 215 Ave A

Any of the Mexican grocery stores around 116th street.

haven’t been to Zaragoza in some time. I will look there. Espositios I know of.

You can google: Mexican raw chorizo nyc and a bunch of places come up.