Raw mango recipes!?

Its mango season here in India there are tons of dishes available but want to try something new, any suggestions what can I cook with Raw Mangoes?


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Thai green mango salad

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Diced mango
Red onion, finely chopped (soak if preferred)
Pineapple, finely chopped
Red bell pepper, finely chopped
Jalapeño, finely chopped
Cilantro, roughly cut
Salt & pepper to taste

Serve with grilled Mojo Criollo marinaded swordfish


Thai mango sticky rice dessert


This is a refreshing salad, but uses ripe mango. The cucumber looks nice sliced into ribbons.

Also suggest various chutneys or jams to use extra mango.
What a wonderful problem to have surplus mangoes!

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I love this. However, I dont soak the rice and I add the sweetened coconut milk sauce to it while cooking. Then I rewarm the remaining sweetened coconut milk and spoon it over the rice and mango to serve. Yum!!!

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From the picture , I figured the OP meant “unripe” or green mango, not uncooked mango like in mango Sticky Rice.

My favorite use is in the Thai salad @Phoenikia linked to.

I could write pages on Mango Sticky Rice. It’s an absolute favorite in our home. In fact, since Ramadan started two weeks ago, we’ve had Mango Sticky Rice almost every night. Not very traditional but what can you do.

Thanks for that link @naf. August 2019 we walked Bangkok for 2 days eating street food non stop. We were shocked that we didn’t see a single vendor selling Mango Sticky Rice. According to that article, it’s a seasonal offering. Now it makes sense. It must have been the end of mango season, as the mangoes weren’t as good as exported Thai mangoes we had earlier that summer in China.

@Respectfully_Declined, I’ve never seen this method for cooking the rice. Does this method use the same glutinous rice, or something like Jasmine? Would you have a link to this method? I’ve literally made Mango Sticky Rice hundreds of times and would love to try something different.



I am shamelessly simple and lazy.

I use Three Ladies Sweet Rice

Then add a T or two or three of brown sugar to a can of coconut milk and heat.

After rinsing the rice in a strainer and adding water to the cooker, I pour one-half of the coconut mixture to the rice and cook for the normal time.

Here it is completed and tossed. You can see some of the coconut mixture flavoring it.

Then plate and add your sliced mango and drizzle on the sweetened coconut milk. Wait a minute! I swear I had mangos. I swear. Okay, pretend those are mangos.

:angry: Who ate the last mango and didn’t tell me? Hmmmm?


Thank you! (I didn’t know Zojirushis were still made in Japan.)

How much rice do you use?

So you add the rice and the regular amount of water you would use for plain sticky rice to your rice cooker, and then you add half the coconut mixture to that amount, correct?

I’ve eaten the rice with everything. Banana, kiwi, pineapple, citrus, berries, chocolate, jam, pepper jelly, honey, etc. At our local Songkran festivals, I often have it with dried fish/shrimp. I’ll stuff it inside spring roll wrappers and fry it. I’ll fold it into cupcake batter and bake it. It was too hard to eat in ice cream and almost broke my ice cream paddle, but I tried that nonetheless.


You are so welcome!

Funny you mentioned the cooker being made in Japan because I noticed that when taking the picture. I have a Zojirushi bread machine too and it is made in China. :man_shrugging:

The Zojirushi measurements are ~6 ounce = 1 of their plastic cups which is about .75 of a US cup.
I used ~2 plastic cups so that would be about 1.25 to 1.5 US cups.

Yep, you got it. I just add the rice and water then pour about 1/2 of the sweetened coconut milk mixture. Then reheat the remaining mixture and spoon it over the plated rice with mango. :yum:

Lol! Your poor ice cream paddles! Haha. You are a rice junky all right. :smiley: May I ask your general location? (I’m in Minneapolis-St Paul, MN).

I’m in Baltimore.

Last night was Date Sticky Rice. Dates are sweet enough, no need for any extra coconut sauce. I quite enjoyed it.


I’m missing your iftar posts!