Raw Eggs in Sauces & Dressings?

If it did, your stomach acid (much lower pH than mayo) would do the trick for you.

OTOH, citric acid in mayo does slow growth, and is useful in that regard.

Edit - this isn’t the paper I was thinking of (beef salmonella and e.coli contamination rather than egg), but for general purpose indicates use of acid retards bacterial growth - even reducing counts over time. Citrate worked better than lactate.


To the moderators,

Posters on this thread are stating as fact food safety advice that is inaccurate. This is dangerous. Will you please remove these posts.

You know you can flag the posts in question, right? No need to make a public comment.


Commercial mayonnaise uses pasteurized eggs. It is the pasteurization, not the tiny amount of acid that kills pathogens.

I believe that it’s important to publicly call out people who are posting food safety myths which if followed could result in illness and death.

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Not sure why you directed this comment to me - my comment replying to you was in agreement with your point that acid generally doesn’t kill pathogenic bacteria. But acid does slow `em down.

Note by the way - to be nit-picky - that Pasteurization reduces CFU counts but also does not kill all the pathogenic (or beneficial) bacteria.

The same result is achieved when you flag a post for the moderators’ attention, who will then decide whether they agree with your beliefs.

It might be of more help to the moderators if you could point out the dangerous food safety myths using, e.g., all the post numbers which are at issue here. The easiest way to get the precise post number is to click the timestamp next to each of the offending posts, and the URL that opens will be appended with post number. (Using the numbers that show up next to the slider are not always so precise at identifying post number.)

Thanks. I have looked at the Joule and Anova models (as they seem to be the best rated from all that I have seen)… but considering I would use this for little else has me rethinking it.

Based on @biondanonima’s suggestion of subs I am going to revisit those recipes. I really like BF mayo, so I’ll see how well I can adapt them sub’ing mayo for raw yolks.

One of the simpler ones is a Sherry Wine dip designed for being served with popcorn shrimp. While it calls for salt, an egg yolk, and 1/2 cup oil (to be dripped into everything else while blending)… if I just skip those, process everything else, and then fold it into a half cup of mayo I should be good.

Another thought would be skip the eggs/mayo entirely and use my best EVOO with/without cashew butter or yogurt.

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Food safety protocol is based on fact, not on my, or anyone’s, beliefs.

That’s for the moderators to decide. I recommend reading up on the house rules.

Not much to add, other than I’ve been consuming raw eggs regularly for at least 35 years (somewhat related, I keep butter on the counter for days and weeks – reserve sticks are in the fridge). I do try do buy local quality eggs unless there is no other option (maybe when traveling). Dang, i eat a lot of eggs.

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nothing more to add except to be absolute sure you don’t come down with a food borne illness, it’s best to stop eating.
note to Moderators: leave the posts - make a new section for extreme germophobes please.

Hi everyone, stepping in as mod here with a friendly reminder to please keep things civil. As far as food safety is concerned, I urge everyone to take anything they read on an internet forum with a grain of salt, and look for a reputable source of information (e.g. the CDC, FDA, etc.) when it comes to researching food safety facts.


No problem using raw eggs. Go ahead, I do it. I make sure they are reasonably fresh, have been well handled, and not left out.

I used to be able to buy pasteurized eggs in the shell at a local chain grocery. I used these whenever I was making something for guests that required raw egg yolks. Can’t find the eggs anywhere anymore and yes, I checked the Internets. They’re called Davidson’s Safest Choice. So - I’m eating a Caesar salad right now I made with a regular, unpasteurized egg yolk, but it’s just me.

Sometimes you can be too careful…
You know if you are healthy. If not, then be extra careful.
Eggs here, but also in Europe are not washed.
Neither are they refrigerated in the shops.
At home, some people refrigerate, some don’t.

With all due respect, I think it would be best to take a step back and not sound so dogmatic about things.

Whether “food safety protocol” is based on fact or not (debatable), it undoubtedly and invariably needs to be discussed with a certain cultural contextual sensitivity in mind.

What Americans may consider “safe” for consumption would be laughed at by people in other countries or cultures, i.e. visit the night market in Taiwan sometime, or the fish markets in Tianjan. It would make consuming “raw eggs” as benign as taking shots of tap water. And vice versa.

As a multi-cultural board, it is perfectly fine to express one’s own stance on food safety protocol without coming across as denigrating and chastising others who perhaps have difference stances, or come from different cultural viewpoints, than your own.

Happy new year.


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