I was in the Dekalb Farmer’s Market the other day, and saw some Ratalu. I can’t pass up something unknown to me, so I bought a couple, I looked on the internet, and it seemed to be mostly used in patties (fried?), but I thought it might work as a mash. Raw, it is fairly bland. So, I peeled it, cooked it, and mashed it with some butter and creme fraiche, salt and pepper. Texture was a bit dry, more like a potato than a sweet potato. With the additions,not bad, but also not great. I thought a little nutmeg might help, along with some cream. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi Bob,

Here are a few suggestions for you and it really depends on what spice profile you like.
Your OP does not mention which spices you enjoy cooking with.



You could also make:
pakoras (a type of fritter)
Pork Stew

Edit: reposted a different link because the one posted was not working.

Thanks, I had not really given too much thought to the spice, but this gives me a place to start.

I really wish that you would have received more traffic on this thread.
I am just learning to cook Indian Cuisine so everything tastes good to me because its exotic, exciting and new.
Perhaps after Easter and Passover, you may receive more responses with exciting recipes to try.
If you decide to make the Pork Stew, I recommend either a Tex-Mex Seasoning or a Taco Seasoning mix.