Raspberries, to wash...or not?

Especially in these times. I HATE washing them but knowing the freezer doesn’t kill the virus I have been doing a hot dunk then a very cold dunk then dry on layers of towels before freezing.

I always do a hot dunk, virus or no virus, because it inhibits mold. So I think just “kill,” neither over nor under.

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NO scientists (other than fringe wackos) think coronavirus survives on food. At this point, they don’t even recommend wiping containers. I have never washed a raspberry. As with mushrooms, adding water just speeds spoilage. Fresh berries are a treat just as they are. If I wanted to cook berries, I’d buy frozen.


We rinse with the sink spray nozzle at the time of enjoyment only and to rinse away any loose sand or tiny pebble that the farm might carry. We eat or use up all berries within 3 days tops because of spoilage.


I’m with @Rooster. I do a quick rinse for all fruits where I will eat whole, skin and all. Just helps to wash away loose debris and dirt on the outside. Strawberries are the only things I clean a bit more (with some salted water), and no, this is not because of the crazy worm video. They’re closer to the ground, and I find the bumpy exterior can trap some extra debris.


We grow our own, and H doesn’t wash. I can’t help myself from giving them a quick rinse. The only exception is when I use them as garnishes.


We grow some. Half of the time, i do a quick rince just before eating. The rest of time, plant to mouth direct. If they are starting to be too ripe, I crush them and heat them up to make a sauce. If there are mold but still in form, I cut that part away, won’t be able to wash them.

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