Radishes - some great sounding recipes

Just saw this on food52.

I know it’s probably nothing new, but we were served pickled julienned radishes as part of an amuse at a restaurant and I fell in love

A few years ago we got several different radishes with butter and salt and I also “fell in love.” :slight_smile:

My favorite salad I make all the time is Romaine and diced breakfast radish with a simple oo and vinegar dressing .

I had to Google that radish so in case others don’t know also:

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They are tasty . I like the looks of them . Elongated , red and white .

I’ve cooked radishes a time or two, but decided it muddies the bright flavor and crunch. I’ll stick with raw, either fresh or i9 a simple marinade. I braise their tops as I would any other green.

I make my own pickled radishes (I cut them into matchsticks) for my summer obsession: avocado & pickled radish sandwich – a standard on Vernick’s (Phila resto) “toast” menu.

I fry up some nice bread in olive oil, smash up half an avocado, mix in some salt & lemon juice & pepper, then top with the pickled radishes. It’s such a simple sammich, but more than the sum of its parts.

Too bad the container with the pickled radishes has to be opened on the patio, lest your open kitchen + living room smell like someone died in a portapotty :sunglasses:


My favourite radish dish was at a restaurant in London that has now sadly closed. They were served with a smoked cod roe dip. The crisp peppery radishes and the smooth smokiness of the dip was a great contrast that really worked.


oooh, i am a huge fan of taramasalata (which isn’t smoked, but still) and love radishes.


I’m not a fan of radishes in salads, but we go to a PYO farm near our house and their radishes are delicious! We usually pick a couple pounds and eat them with a touch of salt, or slice them thin and make tea sandwiches with some good butter and a sprinkle of salt.

catholiver, the link is only the second time I have ever seen reference to radish top soup. The frugal grandmother in Paris, with whom I was lucky enough to live for a year, used to make radish top soup that was wonderful. She cut the piquant taste with cream (adios frugality!) and we lapped it up; a household favorite. She told us her mother used to make it during the war (WWI, I believe) because that was what was available. It’s somewhere between watercress, arugula and spinach; really fresh & green-flavored. I need to make some, just for the memories. Thanks.

All thing I love! Gotta try this sometime. And, hey, with cream… :slight_smile:

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