R.I.P. Old Friend.....

I bought this knife 50 years ago as a present for my father who always said there wasn’t a sharp knife in the house. After he died my mother never used it so it languished in the drawer until I moved out & took it with me. I was about 21 at the time. There is no makers mark that I could ever see but it has served me well over many years. It was a great piece of steel & took a razor edge & better yet - kept it.

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I had a fork my father ate off everyday. My most precious heirloom. Disappeared while I was gone out of town. That was a tough one . My wine glass and I broke up on April fool’s day . From Italy over a thousand bottles of wine later . She hit the floor.


Look like one of the French sharp carbon steel knife. Well, it is sad to see it goes. We sometime form a strong bond with equipment we depend on – like your knife.
He lived a good fulfilling life. He served his purpose well and beyond. He made his friends and family happy. Finally, he made the world a better place.
Trust me, many good knives were never given a chance to live a full life.


Save it as best you can! Have a workshop remove the end, and it will look a bit like a nakiri:

Not perfect, but still a usable memory.


I sent one of my favorite saute pans to the dumpster last night (the nonstick failed)…

That thing’s freaky gorgeous. I’d mount it in a shadow box, something with an elegant black edge, very austere. It still has so much character, such excellent lines and the bite taken out speaks volumes. Too painful to look at? Don’t send it to the landfill!! Send it here and I’ll memorialize it. I sort of like other people’s memories.


I agree, you could re-shape it into a shorter knife. But gotta ask, how did that happen?

My condolences.

I almost cried when i had to toss my first rice cooker, I had received it for my 15th birthday and said goodbye to it when I was 45. The button on my immersion blender is starting to get a hole and I’m really sad about it… it’s the only immersion blender I’ve owned, bought it when I was 17 or 18 (I’ll be 47 next month.)



I don’t really know how or what happened. I was using it on some vegetables, put it on the cutting board & when I picked it up the little piece fell off. A very old flaw I guess that took 50 years to show up. Or - it just hit the cutting board the right way. This is old carbon steel & that can be brittle.

Also - I forgot to mention - that knife was not new when I bought it. I bought it from the butcher shop my grandmother bought from. Roast beef for the family, horsemeat for the dog.

I may re-grind it into something I can still use. We’ll see.


I would totally take this approach. May not be able to do long pull slices but still lots of workable edge to chop and other knife work.