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The Herald just ran a piece yesterday on the dining scene in Quincy, including mentions of the Quincy Food Truck festival, and Barbara Lynch’s new upscale casual Italian project:

I am not near Quincy so I am there not nearly as often as I like. How do folks like the spots mentioned in the article?

I’ve heard good things about Alba but have never been myself. I look forward to seeing what Barbara Lynch can offer as a higher-end option in the city; Quincy’s restaurant scene is definitely not upscale and the neighborhood overall still feels very blue collar in some pockets. It’s got a lot of solid neighborhood joints dominated by Asian because of the exploding Asian population in the North Quincy/Wollaston areas. I’ve tried B Cafe, Yocha, Fuji and Shabu (part of the Jimmy Liang ventures). All are decent, but perhaps not destination places unto themselves. Fuji is the best option for sushi locally and Shabu is a good hotpot joint. Yocha is a somewhat overpriced bubble tea/dessert place I don’t visit often because it’s more of a teenage hangout lounge.

Alba does a good job and has excellent wine list. A new chef has come in with some small but good menu changes. They also have a very good aged beef program that many friends enjoy. I’m not a steak guy. One bite and I’m done.

One problem for me in Quincy is no really good Asian restaurants among the many there. Very disappointing. Have tried most and never go back.

Townsend was ok but not great. High prices, some good tastes, very small portions (not that I need big portions), and eyedropper sized cocktails. Downtown prices for burb quality.

We think the best bet in Quincy Center is still “Fat Cat”. Good comfort food with some creativity, friendly atmosphere, good drinks and broad selection of beers. Excellent ribs, lobster mac and cheese, interesting fish dishes, best mussels anywhere, and real good burgers.

Outside the Center the Inn at Baypoint is a good choice; lots of seafood dishes. Marina Bay has Siros and Port 305; both good with great views.

Waiting for the new development boom. We’ll see?

Always Finding A Way To Enjoy,

Just discovering this site and it’s so nice to see familiar people from CH!

Haven’t been venturing out of Quincy much these days so for me it’s exciting to hear of the Barbara Lynch venture and I expect it will give Fat Cat some major competition. Our go to places these days have been Darcy’s for pizza (still IMHO the best pizza around); Grumpy’s for their lobster roll because they’re doing onion rings again and Alfredo’s for their veal parm. All are adequate, actually good but non really shine.

I was optimistic about Townshend but hugely disappointed after an unfortunate exchange with one of the staff. I understand they are also opening a 2nd restaurant in Quincy.

So we await the development of Quincy Center with the promises of new and exciting places. .

I too didn’t find Townsend as great as it was cracked up to be. Eyedropper sized cocktails and lots of attitude did it for my wife and me.

I’m not too worried about competition for Fat Cat, they just keep rolling along and I’m sure BL’s new restaurant will never compete price wise.

As for Italian food, Quincy hasn’t had any for decades. I keep dreaming for it to happen.

I knew you’d find us sooner or later.


I will say that Townshend did a nice pour on the wine. The glasses of room temperature water were served in skinny little glasses that may have held six ounces. Since it’s a special filtered water there is no thought of putting an ice cube in it. Don’t they know that Quincy has some of the best tap water around! Oh well don’t want to get started on a negative note here

We also tried Rozafa recently for lunch. It’s the same owners as Alba’s. Very pleasant, efficient staff with good sandwiches and a few entrees listed during the lunch hour. In the warm weather they have a small outdoor patio.

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