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I ended up with about three cups of shredded carrots (long story) I don’t’ want them to go to waste & I need a real quick recipe with basic pantry ingredients. I am thinking some sort of salad. I am not a fan of the traditional carrot salad, nor am I the biggest carrot fan anyway. FWIW I end to enjoy more savory than sweet.

I don’t have a recipe, but how about carrot soup?

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How about carrot fritters

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Carrot mashed potatoes.

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I just made a butternut squash congee that was stunning. I wonder if carrots might be a possible substitute: http://www.cookinglight.com/recipes/butternut-ginger-congee

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that sounds yummy. any tips/recipes you like. I could do that for brunch tomorrow.

that sounds delish, I have never had regular congee, that’s on my to do list. I think I am thinking something more salady.

Never made them but figure they would be similar to zucchini or potato fritter, just sweeter. Eggs, seasoning and some kind of starch binder. I have no recipes as I wing most everything I cook. I do look at recipes for concepts on occasion when trying something new and rarely bake since you do have follow a recipe more precisely

These two sound like more interesting versions of carrot salad to me:


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I had some thing like this carrot salad once that was pretty good. I can’t speak to this recipe, but maybe worth a try. The link contained some cyrilic characters, so if the link doesn’t work, try looking for Russian Carrot Salad and the recipe on a site called Shesimmers.

Russian Carrot Salad

Another option if you like pickles, is to turned them into pickled carrots with a little sugar, vinegar solution. If you happen to have daikon, it’s great when you can shred some of that and mix it in. But the stuff is fun to eat alone, or to add to sandwiches (think banh mi), salads, and such.

I use any shredded vegetables, along with onions, for simple slaw: white or rice vinegar, sweetened, with salt and pepper. Because the vegetables exude liquid, additional water is usually unnecessary. Chill for several hours before serving.

I don’t have measurements, but I sometimes make what I call Harvest Quiche, using shredded carrots, shredded apple (firm variety, unpeeled), sweated onion, and cheddar.

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Here’s a simple recipe for carrot fritters from the King Arthur Flour website:

Also the OP might want to google carrot pakoras which would lead to Indian style recipes. Here’s one example:

Or carrot latkes. Here’s a recipe for baked carrot latkes if you don’t like dealing with the spatter from frying them:

That does sound good! I am going to do that on purpose-like I already used my carrots, but that sounds very much my style & taste.

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The pickles pretty much what I ended up doing,! I had a few regular radishes I needed to use as well, so that plus the carrots, salt, vinegar, a pinch of sugar & since i was I only was feeding myself I decided to go for broke & put some curry powder, a pinch of sugar & some red pepper flakes. I let it sit overnight it was pretty tasty. My only mistake is I probably put a little too much vinegar… I am going to go check out that Russian salad for future reference-I learned from dating a Russian guy years ago that they are very good with salads, though often too heavy on they mayo for my taste, but that’s anothe thread.

I ended up seeing this too late, but you had me at “latkes.” though my grandmother would probably be aghast. Speaking, of, I needed a good fritter recipe anyway & I like that KA one, my grandma used to make these corn fritters that I dream of. Gracias!

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I love the carrot salad from david lebovitz- you need finely shredded carrots though, so if yours are shredded store bought those are too thick and won’t be good here

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I’d probably make Ottolenghi’s spicy carrot salad. It’s what I do when left with a bag of baby carrots, but I think it would work with shreds, though I might start with a bit less spice.
Or, one of my favorite salad dressings, carrot, ginger, miso dressing http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1012694-miso-ginger-dressing

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