Questions about seasoning carbon steel

Hi all:

I just purchased a Made in Cookware carbon steel wok. I just took it out of the box and haven’t started seasoning it yet. I have some questions:

  1. While washing off the machine oil coating, how will I know that the oil has been completely gone? Do I need steel wool to do this or does the green side of a Scotch sponge suffice?

  2. To apply beeswax or oil for seasoning, can I use a silicone brush instead of paper towel because the latter releases lint? If not, then are there lint-free or low-lint paper towels or towels that you recommend?

Thanks a million!!


I’m no expert, but if it’s just the packing oil that’s on it, a good wash in soapy hot water with the rougher side of the sponge should be fine. If you can’t see it or feel it after drying it’s probably gone.

It may be difficult to get good coverage with a silicone brush but you can sure try. Lint or not I just spread the oil around with a folded up paper towel (assuming that’s what we call kitchen roll in the UK). As the pan is smooth it doesn’t really leave any lint behind and it helps to mop up any excess that was applied.

Agree with @Lex. And I’d skip the beeswax.

Here are some instructions from a site I use regularly. I haven’t seasoned a wok in years.

I also wouldn’t worry about using paper towels to spread the oil.

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The lint from paper towel bothers me, too, never found a great solution for that.

I’ve seasoned my carbon steel wok and cast iron skillets really well. But I can’t get my De Buyer carbon steel pans to retain their seasoning. Drives me insane.

Just keep washing it until it does not feel greasy. I won’t use steel wool nor aggressive material – if all you want to get rid of the oil. Just use hot water and detergent are enough.

Use oil for seasoning. I have not heard of using beeswax for seasoning. You can use beewax to seal wood, but it doesn’t season cookware.

How are you liking this wok? I’m intrigued since it’s a made in France model.

It’s actually very hard to clean. The manufacturer tells me to use just paper towels (no water, no soap) to do daily cleaning. However, proteins and sauces really stick to this pan. I haven’t used it for a week and am considering reseasoning. I don’t recommend it.

Oof, that manufacturer is crazy to recommend no water. Use at least hot water to wash your wok. Thanks for the feedback, even if the wok works correctly, that advice they give is reason not for me to buy it.

That makes no sense. I would ignore that manufacturer. Carbon steel is carbon steel. I won’t even say soap water is that bad. In the beginning because your seasoning settle down, you may want to limit soap, but after that, it is ok to use soap once awhile.

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