Question on slow cooker chicken thigh recipe

I would like to try this recipe but am a little iffy on the balsamic vinegar, do you think it will work or ruin the dish?

I can’t find the recipe online it is from the fix it and forget it cookbook.

Garlic mushroom chicken
chicken thighs, coat with flour put in crock
smash 8 garlic cloves and sautee them in oil then place in pot
slice 10oz mushrooms layer in pot
add 1/3c balsamic vinegar, bay leaf, thyme and 2 tsp apricot jam

Thanks :slight_smile:

This would probably be a bit sweet for me, with both balsamic and jam, but it generally looks fine. 1/3 c. balsamic is not that much with a lot of mushrooms and presumably 1-1.5 lbs of chicken.

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Agreed and on a slow cooker the mushrooms and chicken juice will dilute is as well.

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Based on the other highly savory and aromatic ingredients the 2 tbsp of jam is not over kill and can add a nice balance IMO.

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I hope those are skinless thighs, or they will be rubbery. You could sautee the skin side along with the garlic (no oil needed in that case - add the garlic once the fat has rendered), which would add extra flavor and remove some of the fat from the slow-cooking part. In that case, stir the flour into the vinegar rather than coating the meat.

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Yes they are boneless skinless thighs (they have a little fat at the edges as usual)

I will have them tomorrow or in the early AM if I get hungry :wink:

I added salt and pepper to the flour coating just because

thanks everyone

will let you know how they turn out

This was delicious! Thanks for the advice

You all should give it a try! Will definitely make it again

How many chicken thighs, may I ask?

recipe said 6 I used about 8

Ok it may not be AS good as I said, ymmv - I think you have to really like balsamic vinegar’s taste to like this recipe

It is definitely good just not maybe as good as I thought