Question for you Jerky Makers

Making jerky is in the near future here. I’m curious as to what cuts of meat you prefer & why? Any help will be appreciated.

The leaner the better. You want very low to zero inter-muscular fat, no marbling at all, or it can go rancid quickly. Eye of Round roast works very well. Top or Bottom Round can be good. Flank steak, but very pricey. Some sirloin like used in inexpensive cuts labeled “London Broil.”

Thanks - I had planned to use top round since it’s readily available & reasonable priced.

I also use london broil. Have the butcher slice it thin, doctor it up, and dehydrate.

I have my own slicer. London Broil usually is top round…

Learn something new everyday. Not that familiar with the top, bottom round terms, just ask for london broil here and they always have it. I make a lot of jerky using soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, jalapeno’s, and alcohol. Red wine, whiskey, bourbon,whatever. Helps dry the meat a little, plus I just like it. If you use this somewhat of this recipe use less of the soy sauce as it will make it too salty if used in abundance. I also marinate overnight.

Well Shoprite had ‘Strip Loin Roasts’ for $2.99#. They’re about 2 1/2 pounds so that’s an easy size to start with as opposed to a 25# Top Round. I have some jerky spice from Cabelas cuz it was on sale last week for cheap. So - I’ll let you know how it turns out next week sometime.

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