Question about freezing food

I just thawed out some Bolognese I’d made. I want to layer it with no boil noodles, placed in disposable foil pans, then freeze again. Is this ok to freeze twice?

IMHO, if you thawed your Bolognese overnight in the fridge, it should be ok if you add your noodles and refreeze… so long as it has not been out where bacteria can grow.

With that said, I avoid refreezing anything as it’s just not as good taste-wise after the second freeze.

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I’ve heard that refreezing causes loss of nutrients yet it is safe to do so.

Freezing food doesn’t destroy nutrients.

In fact, frozen produce is often more nutritious because it’s picked when it’s fully ripe.

Often, I find frozen vegetables are easier to store causing less food waste.

The OP is asking about refreezing food which is a whole other animal.

The top link in your post states that refrozen food may degrade in flavor and texture. It doesn’t say that nutrients will be lost.

I didn’t look at Livestrong because I don’t take health and nutrition advise from people who used banned and dangerous substances to win bicycle races.