Quebec Food Crawl: Part 3

After two soggy days in Montreal, the sun finally poked its head out from the clouds. Taking advantage of this, we decided to drive around in search of interesting murals and grab an early lunch before heading out of town.

Relying on words of mouth and food bloggers’ directions, we had high hopes with our choice of " Ma Poule Mouille " for some ’ Must-Eat ’ Portuguese roasted chicken. We arrived early in the hope of avoiding the luncheon crowd.
An open counter/kitchen displaying a huge white hot charcoal pit and its associated automated rotisserie gadget, packed full of flattened chicken, forms an impressive, eye-catching ornament to the entrance.
As per recommended, we ordered the Portuguese chicken, char-grilled Squid and Portuguese cream caramel, but decided to skip their house-special, heavy, imposing looking and saturated fat laden Poutine. Portions were huge and generous, however, sadly, quantity was no where near enough to offset the deficiency and mediocrity of the food quality.
IMHO, the chicken was one dimension-ally salty, the white meat, huge but incredibly dry!..the skin not crispy at all. Their supposedly delicious spicy sauce, just so-so. Accompanying fries were sad–lookingly soft and soggy. The generous house salad, passable. Thankfully, the well-dressed and seasoned squids were perfectly cooked and not rubbery. But again, the portion size was huge, in fact, 3 times my anticipated size!!
All in all, contrary to all the rave reviews, I found there’s nothing to write home about this place. In fact, I even found our Toronto’s ’ chained 'Nando’s’ or my neighbourhood joint- ‘Red Roster’ offers tastier and more enjoyable chicken products…their Piri-Piri sauces in particular!
Oh well! You win some, you lose some!.


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Thanks for your detailed reports - I’ve been reading them with interest as I contemplate my next visit, hopefully before the end of the year.

Sorry this place was a dud!

ETA: Linking your other Quebec write-ups for future reference.

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