Pupusa truck [Red Hook]

From never having tried pupusas, I’ve now encountered their deliciousness twice in less than a week.

The pupusa truck outside the Red Hook recreational area is called El Olomega (not Solber as shown on Google maps). Two ladies patting out a range of pupusas, and an older gentleman frying plantain chips. Very tasty. We had ours on the spot at the table they have on the sidewalk, but there was a long line of folks more in the know picking up large orders to take home.

Corner of Clinton & Bay.

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Awesome week for you! Not sure i have ever had a pupusa… although i do love arepas which seem to be related

Arepas are similar, but from memory the cornmeal seemed coarser, and the stuffing is often after the bread is cooked - then split open and stuffed like a sandwich.

Pupusas remind me of Indian stuffed parathas - difference being those are wheat flour not corn. The stuffing is put into the center of a raw dough ball, which is then patted out before being griddled.

It’s too bad that these are not more common in Manhattan - maybe further uptown?

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The supermarket near me has a huge variety of arepas to just heat and eat so i’ve become a big fan of those.
Looks like there are a few places in Washington heights… i should finally go explore that neighborhood!