Pumpkin carving, roasting seeds

Thought it might be fun to share our pumpkins and seed roasting techniques. I used @gracieggg recommended spice blend.

More to come.



Yum! How did that come out?

Once they cooled the seeds weren’t dry enough so I returned them to the baking sheet and heated them longer. Then, the pumpkins seeds had the right crunch. I added coconut sugar to the spice blend for a touch of sweetness. My family enjoyed them.


Most recently on the Zoe Bakes blog, but I’ve also read before how some folks don’t remove the seeds until after roasting their split pumpkin. Even thought it’s messy, I always remove the seeds/strings before steaming/roasting the pumpkin.

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Strings yes, seeds I eat the entire thing.

On a somewhat related topic, did you know deer eat pumpkins? I’m used to squires getting into my pumpkins but this is a new one for me. While leaving for work I noticed our big pumpkin outside our garage was missing. Instead of a neighborhood kid and hijinx this is what we found.

Yes, deers like both the plant and the fruit. …as well as rabbits and rodents. Especially if their food supply is ltd.

Nice shot btw.