Pueblo magico, new Mexican in Belford Middletown Nj

This place is the old ciafullos and before that Middletown pizza back in the day

It is next to the belford brewery and isn’t open as of today. I drove by.

I heard it is being opened by a former ciafullo’s employee but that is just a rumor at this point.

Does anyone have any Intel? Calling private investigator Greg.

I put something brief up on my blog months ago, but just musings.

It was originally reported to be a “Spanish” restaurant, but now it appears to be another Mexican restaurant. sigh I thought, perhaps, we were going to get good Spanish food closer than Perth Amboy.

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In the interests of precision, I’ll note that Costa Verde is Spanish and Portuguese, and is in Sayreville (south of the river).


So they are obviously open now but won’t have a menu for about two weeks and they are working on a FB page. I guess the new thing is to rush the opening and advertising comes later :roll_eyes:

Seafood will be available Thursday to Sunday.

I didn’t eat there tonight since I wanted to take advantage of this epic outdoor dining weather.


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The menu on the white board is an odd mixture of 90% Spanish, with a little English thrown in (e.g., El Burrito Magico).

I am guessing that is a language barrier issue.

I wish this place well and I am looking forward to some diabla shrimp.

Not a problem for me, and in fact a mark of authenticity. I was just surprised to see any English, given that almost all was in Spanish.

Yeah I would agree.

There were all gringos last night. My concern is that Middletown doesn’t have a strong latino community. Hopefully the local people will support this place. The food has to be pretty good for this place to make it.

I don’t normally associate New Mexico and seafood :lobster:.
I love a good milanesa but they’re served as tortas around here. I’ve never seen them in Taco editions. I’d have to order that right off the bat. I’m not understanding what a relleno Taco would consist of either.
And they need Green Chile stew, if not Chile Colorado too!

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Am I missing a joke or something on the “menu board” that I didn’t see? Lol. I don’t see anything about new Mexico??

I misunderstood the whole thread title then.
“ New “ Mexican, not New Mexico Mexican food.
Probably the Pueblo in the restaurant name.
But I’m not sure what’s new about their dishes. Looks good no matter what or where they’re from.

The restaurant is a “new Mexican restaurant” , not a “New Mexican restaurant” --capitalization matters.


Oh I see. Yes by new i meant newly opening.

Owner is from Puebla Mexico.

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Do y’all have any true SW US type mexi places back there, with Az and NM style dishes?

I’m a careless reader on my phone these days.
You’re correct. :slight_smile:

How about this place. Would you consider this tex mex? That is in the town next to me. I dont think tex mex is that popular in central nj but I dont know that much about it.


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That all looks pretty wonderful.
If they have fried tacos I’m in. :slight_smile:
New Mexico and Arizona are different from TexMex in my mind though.

Juanitos is noot TexMex at all – notice no fajitas … lol… and yes, TexMex is very different from Southwest Mexican (NM/AZ,UT)…

Juanitos is excellent, but it is more central west coast mexican food… so there is a lot of seafood involved… Though I have heard Senor Peppers in Red Bank (around the corner) is also quite good. I have to try it.

Going to Pueblo Magico today so I will update…


Welcome, Eddie, even though I’m in Oregon.
You’re assessment is spot on.

I haven’t been to Juanitos in years. Always thought of them as white people Mexican food, a better Chi-Chi’s if you will. Has that changed?