Protein powders, recommendations

I am making my through peanut butter powder and hemp protein. Kind of bored with both and welcome recommendations by brand name. I use the powders in non dairy shakes/smoothies.

Thanks, Rooster

Oh man, protein powders are SO hit or miss. Even the same company one flavor can be great and another just icky.
Honestly i would say your best bet is to use straight up hemp seeds, plain greek yogurt, kefeir, or get peanut flour (same thing as powdered peanut butter basically only a lot cheaper). Otherwise buying individual packets to try first is a good idea, my whole foods has a good selection. These are the few plant based proteins I don’t hate…

I really liked the vegan vanilla from biochem- which actually doesn’t have any weird science lab ingredients or sugar alchohols. It’s super smooth even just blended with almond milk, and made with a blend of pea/hemp/cranberry proteins

I’ve bought amazing grass for years, and they reformulated their protein blend which is great too- but! Do NOT get the “original” which is really rough. It’s not delicious with just almond milk but works well blended into a smoothie. I like that it includes a ton of micronutrients from the greens blend and i can pronounce all the ingredients.

I used to buy garden of life, but it has erythritol which is a sugar alcohol and that bothers my stomach now- if you tolerate sugar alchohols then it’s a good one.

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Very helpful, I need to do more reading up as well.
I didnt know where to start and I have never seen peanut flour. What brand is that?

I’ve found the best price for peanut flour from and you’ll notice its waaaaaayyy cheaper than any protein powder yet really similar in nutrition. Ingredients: peanuts. And that’s it.

I know there are a bazillion whey and egg protein powders out there too, but some of them have seriously bizarre ingredients and/or use factory farmed animal products, so if that matters for you just be sure to scrutinize the ingredients

Yes thats why I started this topic. So many powders read bizzare. I dont want to waste time and money on junk powder.