Problem with long threads

I’ve noticed an issue in the last few days. Shorter threads behave as expected: when I open one it correctly opens to the most recent post I have not read. But longer threads (not sure of the minimum number, but certainly the threads with 200+ posts), seem to open towards the bottom, but then continue to bounce up by steps until it rests at the OP and I then need to scroll down to the new posts.

Is anyone else experiencing this behavior?

I experienced some “bouncing” this morning but didn’t pay attention to the length of the thread.

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I have a little bouncing just now, not all the way to the OP though. i will keep an eye out. what browser and operating system are you using?

Thanks HO. I’m using Google Chrome on Windows 8.

I am using Firefox on Windows 8.1. so its not a browser specific issue.

Does it happen all the time?

No, it didn’t happen when I opened this thread. As I said, it seems to be more a problem with the longer conversations.

ETA: It just happened on the product placement thread (30ish responses) and then again when I reopened this thread. Every programmers dream–a seemingly random issue :confused:

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Yes! It’s been doing it for the past week or so. The WFD Thread does it every time I open it. Sometimes it flashes rapidly as it’s opening up and then settles at the top of the thread, instead of my last read post like it used to. I use Google Chrome.

I’m seeing it - randomly, of course sigh. Windows 10, Firefox 44.0.2 (running AdBlock Plus and Ghostery).

I reversed one thing I did last week. Let me know if you are still seeing it.
I can reverse more stuff but want to do it one at a time.

Yep, still seeing the jumping, but not consistently (maybe 70% of the threads I read today).

Its so odd. I rarely seem them. (Only saw it once ever). How often do others see it?

For now, @gaffk, if you access the site with another browser like Internet Explorer, does the jumping change at all?

Bouncing here, too. Is there any place you wouldn't travel for great food???

Only 11 replies.

I just tried it in IE and yes, it’s still jumping.

Got it. thanks for confirming. I will try some other things and reply back.

Thanks. On the positive side, I really like the Topic Progress control and its ability to take me to the bottom of the page. It even works when the bouncing is occurring :grin:

Still jumping for me in Google Chrome too.

I removed all but one of the changes from last week as well as upgraded the software. Please let me know if it still ‘bounces’.

Just checked a couple of the threads that were bouncing for me yesterday and they are no longer bouncing. Thanks!

I’m not getting any bouncing today. Thanks!